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Goodbye My Friend

We passed too often in the night of this disease, Pat Steer and I. We made plans that sometimes turned out too hard to keep. One of our plans was to get together at the Creekside, to talk books and dogs, but she got sicker, and I was suddenly very sick. We planned for phone calls that fell through and for my driving over for sit-down talks at her condo that I never had enough time for. I wanted to have her tell me how to to cope with a disease that neither of us wanted. She lived with stage IV rectal cancer for 8 years. After five years of

No More Room in the Bucket

[Our dear friend and advocate Pat Steer passed away on July 17, 2012. This was the last blog post she wrote for us.] My friend Janet asked me last week if there were still things I wished I could do, any unfinished things on my bucket list. I thought for a minute before I said, “No.” I’m sure Janet expected something like a wish to visit the Grand Canyon or take that cross-country sleeper train trip I’d always promised myself. What I really wanted to say, the first thing that came to mind: “I want to be strong enough to go upstairs and do a load of laundry.” Inconsequential as