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Call for New Staging System for Advanced Colorectal Cancer

Experts in treating colorectal cancer that has spread to distant sites say that the need for a better staging system for advanced disease is urgent. More specific staging could identify patients whose cancer could be cured with surgery.  For others, modern chemotherapy might make curative surgery possible. In addition, a more precise staging system, with more categories, would provide better survival prognosis. Currently all patients whose cancer has spread beyond their colon or rectum to distant sites (metastatic colorectal cancer) are lumped together in one group, classified as stage IV or Dukes D.  No difference is made for those who have liver tumors that could be surgically removed or those

FDA Approves Entereg to Improve Post-Surgery Bowel Function

The FDA has approved Entereg® (alvimopan) to speed the restoration of normal bowel function after intestinal surgery. However, the approval comes with a Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) to be sure that the benefits of using Entereg outweigh any potential risks.  Under the REMS, the drug can only be used only in hospitals for inpatients.  Hospitals that use it must be certified and materials developed for the health care professionals who administer it.  Its effectiveness must be regularly assessed.