Veterans Health System Beats Medicare in Colon Cancer Survival

Older men with several kinds of cancer–including colon cancer–do as well or better in the Veterans’ Health Administration as men covered by Medicare, according to a new study published by the Journal of Clinical Oncology in an advanced online release. The Veterans’ Administration is the nation’s largest integrated health system, providing care for 6 million veterans…  Read More

Early Palliative Care Increases Survival Time

Should cancer care focused on quality of life wait until all treatment ends?  Or can it be integrated with medical treatment as soon as someone is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness? In a study of 150 advanced lung cancer patients, starting palliative care along with standard life-prolonging treatment when patients were first diagnosed not only improved…  Read More

No Difference in Chemotherapy Benefits for Young Patients with Stage II and III Colon Cancer Compared to Those Fifty and Older

Young patients with stage II or III colon cancer get equal benefit from chemotherapy as older patients, and they have similar side effects. Five years after treatment, 67 percent of patients under the age of fifty hadn’t had their cancer spread beyond the colon (recurrence-free interval), the same percentage that applied to patients who were fifty…  Read More

Colorectal Cancer Research Briefs: Patients want colonoscopy videos

Briefly Hormone replacement therapy reduces risk of colon cancer. Smoking before age 30 increases chances that colon cancer will recur. Low CEA levels improve both survival and disease-free survival for stage II colon cancer. Most patients want videos of their colonoscopies and are willing to pay for them.

Patient Outcomes Vary Depending on Liver Resectability

Patients with stage IV colorectal cancer live longer when tumors in their liver can be removed surgically, but not all patients have cancer that can be operated on. Separating patients with liver tumors from colorectal cancer into three groups according to possible liver resectability, British doctors found a wide variation in both overall survival and progression-free…  Read More

Which Side of the Colon Matters

More evidence is emerging that right-sided colon cancers are different in significant ways from those on the left side. Information from 17,641 colon cancer patients in the German Colon/Rectum Cancer Study Group found that people with cancers on the right side of the colon were older, had more chronic illness, and were more likely to be…  Read More