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Colorectal Cancer News in Brief: May 8

This week a panda gets a colonoscopy, details are reported on swine flu cases, and information about acrylamide in food and cancer risk is reviewed.  The FDA says that the leucovorin shortage has been resolved and supplies are available. We also found a study that used stereotactic body radiosurgery (SBRS) for tumors from cancer that had spread to the spine.  In other research, the number of lymph nodes recovered during colon and rectal surgery depends on the patient’s age, where the cancer was located, and how long the removed specimen was.

American Cancer Society: What Cancer Patients Need to Know About Swine Flu

The American Cancer Society has a good web page for cancer patients about influenza H1N1 with links to more answers from the Centers for Disease Control and ACS Infections in People with Cancer. The ACS recommends that people with cancer: Avoid large crowds, people with fever, flu or infection, and small children who go to schools or daycare. Wash their hands often or use a santizing gel. Cover their mouths and noses when they sneeze with a tissue and throw it away. Avoid touching their eyes, noses, or mouths. Talk to their doctors about risk of infection and possible use of Tamiflu or Relenza.

CDC: Current Swine Flu Recommendations

The Centers for Disease Control have issued Interim Guidance for reducing the impact of swine influenza A (H1N1). While they are not recommending now that large community gatherings be cancelled, they do say: Persons with underlying medical conditions who are at high risk for complications of influenza may wish to consider avoiding large gatherings. In addition, they strongly recommend that people who have symptoms of influenza-type illness, including coughing or sore throat, contact their doctor first before going to a medical office or hospital.  Talk to your oncologist about how to manage your treatment and what symptoms to report during this time of heightened risk for infection.