This Week’s Colorectal Cancer News in Brief: January 23

Brief Research Reports Positive research studies are much more likely to be published than those with negative results.  They are also published sooner.  The Cochrane Collaboration reviewed  five different analyses of potential publication bias and fund that while 73 percent of clinical trials with positive results were published only 41 percent of those with negative or…  Read More

This Week's Colorectal Cancer News in Brief: January 16

Brief Research Reports Maslinic acid, a compound found in high concentrations in olive skins, slows development of colon cancer cells and leads to their death.  Researchers in Spain isolated the natural triterpenoid compound from the waxy coating on olives.  They suggest that its development may lead to drugs to prevent or treat colorectal cancer.   Fernando…  Read More

This Week's Colorectal Cancer News In Brief

In order to bring you more news and colorectal cancer research reports, we’ve developed short reviews of research and other news that has not been covered on the rest of the blog this week.  We’re including connecting links where you can find additional information.  Watch for the News in Brief at the end of the week.…  Read More