Over 5 Million Tweet About Colorectal Cancer

Nearly 5 million people got tweets during yesterday’s “Tweet-Chat” on colon cancer prevention.

Dr. Richard Besser, ABC News Medical Editor, led a Twitter chat on colorectal cancer. The one hour session easily spilled over and has generated an overwhelming number of conversations and a ton of informative feedback. There was a lot of good information shared from a number of organizations and individuals and we urge you to jump on board.

Fight Colorectal Cancer was a strong participant during the #abcDrBchat and at one point ranked in the top ten of contributors. To follow the action and see what you missed CLICK HERE for all the action. If you are new to Twitter, there is quite a conversation happening in the Tweet Universe.

You can follow Dr Besser at Twitter.com/DrRichardBesser and Fight CRC at twitter.com/FightCRC

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