Brand Manager

Andrew joined Fight Colorectal Cancer in 2015. He is a graduate of the University of Central Missouri and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. After completing his undergraduate degree, he joined the team with experience in public relations, publication design and content management. Throughout his senior year, Andrew worked with Fight CRC, first as a special project to create STRONG Magazine then as an intern. After meeting and working with those affected by colorectal cancer, Andrew developed a passion for making a platform available for those touched by colorectal cancer to tell their stories and bring awareness to this disease.

While working with Fight CRC Andrew has focused on the development of social content strategies on all platforms. In 2016, increases were seen across all social media channels – most notably on Instagram. Andrew has also led a formalization of the Fight CRC Ambassador Program with 41 active Ambassadors joining within two years. One of his favorite aspects of working with Fight CRC is seeing the community put aside all differences to come together and bring awareness to this disease.

Andrew currently lives in Kansas City, MO.