Cheryl Alston


Cheryl Alston holding up a strong arm

About: Cheryl was connected to other colorectal cancer organizations and groups, but she did not feel heard or fulfilled. When she came across a link for Fight CRC, she checked out the website, sent her info in the “Contact Us” form, and it’s been a great connection ever since! Fight CRC has given Cheryl a platform to tell her story without feeling ashamed for surviving. Fight CRC embraces each survivor, caregiver, advocate, all people without any judgment. Fight CRC is a constant in the lives of many, and the organization’s work encourages Cheryl to be a part of this movement! Cheryl is honored and humbled to have the opportunity to be a Fight CRC Ambassador. Fight CRC is her home! Fight CRC is her family!

Why Cheryl climbs: “I climb for research and advocacy. I climb for those who cannot. I climb to incorporate the exercise with a larger mission. I climb for myself. I climb so that the world does not forget to be seen and screened. It has been awhile since I have felt that I have a purpose in the advocacy world for colorectal cancer. When I see a challenge like this, it pumps me up because I know in various locations, there are many like me, who are fighting for the cause! I am passionate because I want to see a cure in my lifetime!”

One thing that keeps Cheryl motivated: “Being here for my family and seeing others who are still undergoing treatment participating in and hosting climbs keeps me motivated.”

Cheryl’s advice to climbers: “Never give up! Keep your mind and options open! Situations make us happy or sad. Sadness is a human emotion. But, let nothing or anyone steal your Joy: Always keep joy in your heart.”