Jerianne Gerloff

Climb Host

Jerianne and Josh Climb Hosts

About: Jerianne’s family connected to Fight CRC when her ex-husband Phil Gerloff, the father of their two sons, was diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer in 2018. Through her employment with Pfizer, working on state policy and advocacy issues, she was fortunate to have one of her colleagues introduce her to Fight Colorectal Cancer. She immediately connected Phil to Maia Walker, lead curator of the Fight CRC Trial Finder. Maia was very helpful to Phil with answering his questions and walking him through resources. Jerianne said, “A diagnosis like this is devastating to an individual and their whole family. Having an organization like Fight CRC available to provide support gives everyone well-needed clarity and hope. Jerianne and her family and friends participated in the first-ever ‘Kropp Gerloff Strong’ Climb for a Cure team in Northern California last year, and it was SO incredibly inspiring to be a part of that day with Phil and Michael Kropp, surrounded by their family and friends who love them.” Jerianne looks forward to making this second annual event even bigger and better, and she is honored to be a Climb host this year.

Why Jerianne climbs: “It is important to me and to my sons to come together with the community of people who love their dad and to celebrate hope. Fight CRC is an amazing organization connecting people who have been impacted by this awful disease with cutting-edge research and treatment. Doing all we can to support Fight CRC, so they can continue to provide people with the help they need in their time of need is very gratifying.”

One thing that keeps Jerianne motivated: “There are so many things throughout Phil’s long journey with this devastating illness that we have no control over. Being more engaged in advocacy and working with Fight CRC is one very important way to feel like I am doing something for him and for my sons. Anything I can do to support an organization that is helping others find hope, and providing resources and education is incredibly worthwhile for me. When Phil got his original diagnosis and I contacted Fight CRC, I will never forget that they emailed me right back, and it was late on a Friday. I vividly remember how comforting that was. I know they have helped countless others to feel that way, and that is very meaningful to me.

Her advice to Climbers: “Just remember that every little bit counts. Coming together to support our loved ones and each other, while also supporting an organization doing amazing work to fight this horrible disease is a blessing.”