Mary Beth Kropp

Climb Host

Mary Beth Kropp

About: Mary Beth’s family was connected to Fight CRC when her husband was diagnosed for the second time with colon cancer in 2020. Based on a series of missteps from their doctor and hospital, they found themselves not trusting the healthcare system. They had a friend who was connected to Fight CRC and made the call immediately to connect Mary Beth with us. Mary Beth has never looked back! Her experience with Fight CRC only strengthened her commitment to support Fight CRC. Maia Walker, Lead Curator of the Fight CRC Trial Finder, talked Mary Beth through resources and left her with hope. Maia convinced Mary Beth to reach out to more than one doctor – seeking second and third opinions as they tried to determine their next steps. Fight CRC gave Mary Beth hope. Although Mary Beth’s husband passed away in December 2021, she has since learned that we must be our best advocates for ourselves and those who follow in our footsteps. Mary Beth’s family was devastated by colon cancer, and by hosting Climb for a Cure, they plan to contribute to the very research that led her to this point.

Why Mary Beth climbs: “My sons and I want to contribute to the cure – to provide cutting-edge research and to raise awareness of colorectal cancer – and support those in need of our support, as well as bring together a community of caring for all of us who have been devastated by this horrible disease.”

One thing that keeps Mary Beth motivated: “I need to stay active. This disease has left me heartbroken, but I am forever connected with others who share my heartbreak. We need to do everything we can to help others end this disease, provide for more research, and share the resources that Fight CRC has collected. Fight CRC has become my TRUSTED partner at a time when my family and I lost faith and trust in the medical profession. Finally, we need to continue to spread awareness of the need for screening. I now have two boys who will need early detection screening. We need to stay ahead of the curve. Screenings are not ’embarrassing’ when your life is at stake.”

Her advice to Climbers: “Stick together: Hope will prevail when we work together and support each other.”