Michael Coleman

Climb Host

Michael Coleman's headshot

About: Michael first learned about Fight CRC through his father Dwayne Coleman. Dwayne reached out to Fight CRC after his diagnosis with colon cancer. Fight CRC offered immediate support and inclusion. Both Michael and Dwayne quickly found out Fight CRC was the “real deal: Great people working toward a worthy cause at the national level down to individual support,” says Michael. Michael is excited to be a part of this year’s Climb for a Cure again. His father has completed his treatment and is cancer free at this time!

Why Michael climbs: “I climb to come together with people all over the country who have been affected by colon cancer. At first, I wanted to support my dad, and then I really grasped onto the big picture aspect of what we are doing. It really feels like a big community and one that I enjoy being a part of. I climb first for my father Dwayne who was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2020, and I also climb for everyone I know who has been affected by cancer. That’s one reason I am so passionate about Climb for a Cure. The number of people I know who are dealing with themselves or a loved one with cancer seems to increase every year. It’s time to kick cancer’s butt!”

What keeps Michael motivated: “When I’m in the mountains, I always want to see what’s over the next hill, across the next meadow, or what’s around the next bend in a stream. This translates to my everyday life where the pursuit of new experiences and knowledge keep me pushing forward in all things.”

Michael’s advice to Climbers: “I believe that support is such an important part of this experience and having goals for the future is a great help as well. Keeping a positive mental attitude will help you in all things.”