John MacLeod

Stage IV CRC Fighter and Board Member, John MacLeod passed away on April 22, 2019. 

“John was a beloved fighter, advocate, and board member for Fight CRC. He came to us reluctantly but he became one of our proudest advocates. He wholeheartedly believed in our mission and our cause. John and Angie were a dynamic duo sharing with us their strength, their journey in looking for clinical trials, and their commitment to hope. He was a source of strength and encouragement for many. John fought hard and we are so grateful that he found us because he made our lives better. His leadership reminded us to always have a sense of urgency in this fight. In his memory, we always will.”

– Anjee Davis, President, Fight Colorectal Cancer

In 2013, John was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. Three years into his treatment John’s wife persuaded him to apply to Fight CRC as an Ambassador. His selection as a 2017 Ambassador introduced him to a whole new world. John has become a passionate advocate and mentor to new advocates and ambassadors.

John has over 25 years experience in the Healthcare Revenue Cycle and the Healthcare IT industries. After working for almost ten years in a major urban teaching hospital in various roles in revenue cycle, he joined SMS/Siemens as a revenue cycle consultant and project manager working in hospitals nation-wide. He was a Product Manager at Siemens for the Soarian Financials product for close to seven years and part of the original design team. In this role he had responsibility for all phases of product-line management. In August 2011, John became the Revenue Cycle Strategist for Siemens Healthcare working with providers to realize the value of Soarian. After Cerner acquired Siemens’ healthcare IT portfolio in early 2015, he continued my work in sales and market strategy. He left Cerner in 2016 to focus on his treatment.

John lives in suburban Philadelphia with his wife, Angela a family practice physician and hospital administrator. He has two daughters Emily and Sarah.