Phuong Gallagher

Research Advocate Training & Support (RATS) Manager

Phuong Gallagher

Phuong joined the Fight CRC team in October of 2022 as the Research Advocate Training & Support (RATS) Manager. While the advancement of research is important to her, as a late-stage long-term survivor, she is very passionate about ensuring that the patient/caregiver voices are included in the early stages of the research that so directly impacts their lives.

Prior to coming on board, Phuong developed a data practice as a vice president in the insurance industry. She has spent over a decade volunteering her time in the colorectal cancer community in various ways, including as President of The Colon Club.

In her free time, Phuong can be found at the barn where she trains with her horse. She is also a foodie and loves to explore the menus of unique restaurants, and especially enjoys trying new foods.

Phuong is based out of Pasadena, CA.