Heidi Jurgens

Research Advocate

I come from a strong family history of early-onset colon cancer including multiple first and second degree relatives diagnosed in their 30s. We’d later come to learn we have Lynch Syndrome. I was diagnosed with Lynch Syndrome in my mid-20s and have successfully managed it for over a decade. Access to genetic testing, screenings, and high-quality healthcare has so far kept me cancer-free. I joined Fight CRC to be a voice for patients that might not have the access or information they need to prevent, detect, diagnose, and treat cancer. 

Professionally, I’ve always been interested in science and medicine. I completed a PhD in Neuroscience with a focus on Immunology and spent several years doing biomedical research. I currently work at Northwestern University in Foundation Relations where I support faculty in obtaining grant funding in the life, physical, and biomedical sciences.  

My goals are to increase awareness of the importance of cancer research, ensure the patients’ perspective is considered (in particular quality of life issues), and communicate the latest research findings into actionable information all patients can use.