Kim Houston

Research Advocate

Kim Houston has 23 years of service with Marriott International. Currently she is a Program Manager with the Operations Support Resources Team, located at the company’s headquarters in Bethesda, MD. In her role, she is responsible for training associates and managers on how best to navigate and use a computer program that is proprietary to Marriott International. Additionally, she collaborates with hotel franchisee stakeholders and leaders as their main point of contact for subject matter and technical expertise with maintaining data integrity.

Kim is a 2017-2018 Fight Colorectal Cancer Ambassador, 2018-2020 Fight CRC Ambassador Mentor, and Fight CRC Research Advocacy Team (RATS) member. Diagnosed in 2013 at the age of 45 with stage IIIc colon cancer, Kim found her way to Fight Colorectal Cancer, allowing her a platform to advocate and spread awareness about this preventable disease. Kim is celebrating seven years cancer free!

Kim currently resides in the Salt Lake City, UT area with her husband. Kim and her husband have two young-adult children; known lovingly as the “boy kid” and the “girl kid.” Newly settled in Salt Lake City, Kim is actively searching for colon cancer awareness volunteer opportunities.

Her Goals as a Research Advocate

  1. Confidently answer questions to improve patient care, quality of life, and cancer survivorship through research
  2. Use my voice to continue to lobby Congress for advancement of the policies and processes involved in cancer research that will make cures possible
  3. Educate fellow CRC community members on why clinical trials are important, where they can access clinical trials, and how they can maintain a good quality of life