Ready to get involved? Dive into one of our campaigns! Year-round we offer ways to take action and make your voice heard through Action Alerts and Volunteering.

Several times each year, we launch nationwide campaigns to come together and ensure our advocacy voices are LOUD.

Call-on Congress

Each March over 100 advocates come together in D.C. for our capstone event, Call-on Congress. You’ll get two days of training followed by a life-changing day of advocacy on the Hill. You’ll sit on congressional couches and meet those making the decisions that impact policies for all patients. Even if you can’t make it to the Hill, we offer ways to get involved in policy change from home.

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State Proclamations

Because proclamations are not signed laws, each year we request that March is recognized as Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month by our state governors. Awareness educates people about prevention and sends a message to our government that CRC is an important issue and those impacted by it need elected officials’ support. We encourage advocates from all 50 U.S. states to place requests with their governors. Some governors will issue letters while most issue proclamations.

Fight CRC provides the tools and instructions tailored to your state, and mentors to guide you through the process. We’re looking for multiple advocates from each state to help!

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August Recess Challenge


Each summer, our members of Congress go home to work in the cities and towns of those who elected them into office – this is called taking “recess.” During this time, we ask Fight CRC advocates to reach out to them. The goal is not only to send letters to the editor, emails and tweets, but to try to get advocates to build their relationships with their Members of Congress while they are in town.

We launch the August Recess Challenge in late July or early August each year and ask for involvement throughout the challenge. Be sure to sign up as an advocate to get notified when it’s time to start!

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March Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Each year we launch a campaign during the month of March to raise colorectal awareness with a community of fighters who’ve been touched by this disease. These survivors and caregivers share their stories as part of an awareness campaign each March. The stories are used to encourage others to prevent the disease and to connect with others who are in the fight.

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