Legislative Goals

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Sometimes support means we sign on or draft a letter of support. Sometimes we make a public comment. Sometimes we rely on our advocacy partners. Other times we engage our advocates through an Action Alert or ask advocates to voice their opinions and get involved.

Some of the Issues We Fight For: 

  • Investing in colorectal cancer research and prevention
  • Removing barriers to colorectal cancer screening
  • Insurance pathways
  • Changes to Medicare and Medicaid related to access to care
  • Oral and intravenous (IV) chemotherapy parity
  • Improving the quality of care for cancer patients
  • Annual and lifetime coverage caps
  • Prevention and screening services
  • Protections for pre-existing conditions
  • Guaranteed renewability for insurance plans
  • Access to clinical trials
  • Next-generation sequencing (NGS) test coverage
  • Biosimilars 
  • Young adult cancer
  • Survivorship issues
  • Pharmaceutical pricing

If you have a policy issue you think we should address, contact our advocacy team or post in our Facebook group for advocates.

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