Raise your hand if you are on some form of social media. I don’t even need to see you to know that most of your hands are in the air. Between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, social media has become an increasingly powerful tool to connect people around the world. 

At Fight CRC we have seen the positive power of social media first hand as we watch people share their stories and connect with others who are going through similar experiences. 

It has been such a wonderful gift for so many, and to reflect this, a few years ago we developed the Social Influencer Award to recognize outstanding individuals who work tirelessly connecting other patients and loved ones with Fight CRC resources and campaigns on social media.

The recipient is selected by Fight CRC’s Grassroots Advocacy Committee and goes to an individual who inspires us by making a difference in our daily lives on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. 

And without further ado, we are thrilled to announce that the 2020 Social Influencer Award goes to....Michael Mancini!

Michael was just 42 years old when he was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in June of 2017.  An avid gym-goer, he was in the best shape of his life when he received his diagnosis. Since then, he has undergone a colon resection, a temporary colostomy, twelve rounds of FOLFOX with Avastin, a colostomy reversal, a recurrence on his liver, an ablation on the liver tumor, a year of maintenance chemo, a three-month chemo break, a recurrence in his peritoneal cavity, and another twelve rounds of FOLFOX with Avastin. 

Throughout, Michael has remained a relentless champion of hope in the fight against colorectal cancer, detailing much of his journey on social media, connecting with and encouraging advocates across the country with his big smile and #StrongArmSelfie.

“Mike’s fight for his life and commitment to advocacy for others by sharing his story through public events and social media drove me to have a feeling of resiliency and relentlessness to change the status quo. His tenacity in the struggles encouraged me to build relationships and find joy in survivorship.” 

Carole Motycka, survivor and 2020 Fight CRC Ambassador

“Mike is simply an amazing person whose perseverance, attitude, and outlook are a shining example of Fight CRC. Mike doesn't back down from a challenge whether it is class 4 rapids or stage IV cancer. I'm blessed to call him a friend.”

Fellow 2019 Fight CRC Ambassador and caregiver, Traci Bryan

The entire Fight CRC family is so grateful for Michael’s tireless efforts, encouraging others online, and using his story and warmth to build a family of advocates in pursuit of a cure for colorectal cancer. 

When asked his best advice for others in the fight, Mike shared,

“Like a boxer in a championship fight, take it one step, one punch, one round at a time. You get knocked down sometimes, but you get back up and keep fighting.  The title you are fighting for is ‘Relentless Champion of Hope’.”

To connect with Michael and keep up to date on his journey, friend him on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter and Instagram. And if you haven’t already, join Fight CRC’s Advocates Facebook group to connect with other relentless champions of hope.