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Welcome to Advocacy in Action, our monthly blog where the Fight CRC Advocacy Team discusses all things advocacy: from important policy updates, to ways to get involved, and behind-the-scenes views on how we make change happen. 

This month we reached out to our advocates to find out what they’re most excited about for Call-on Congress, and also what they are doing to create colorectal cancer awareness in March and all-year round.

What Are You Excited for at Call-on Congress?

Carole Motycka Advocacy in Action

“I am looking forward to being together and doing what we do best as advocates! Together we will raise our voices as we push for more funding opportunities for colorectal cancer and throw some #strongarmselfies to celebrate all of the victories in the work we have done this year as we honor our commitment to a Path to a Cure."

– Carole Motycka, Survivor

“I'm looking forward to meeting many I have not yet met, seeing many I haven't seen in a while, all while sharing laughs and shedding a few tears. But above all, showing our combined strength and inspiring our representatives and senators to create change."

Tim McDonald, Survivor
Tim McDonald Advocacy in Action
Ellen Tappin Advocacy in Action

“I believe that one of our greatest assets is our voice. So let's use our voices to help Congress understand that it is time Congress pay attention to the alarming number (and rising) of people male and female being diagnosed with colon and colorectal cancer. We must demand that more be done in the form of research, funding and affordable care for those diagnosed, more for caregivers who have to give up their jobs in some cases to care for loved ones. We can do it. It is time to pass new legislation to protect the nation's greatest asset – us.”

– Ellen Tappin, Survivor

“I am so grateful to be in this space and to be one of the many voices that day asking for research to find a cure for this devastating disease. It’s our collective voices that will make a difference and create change. Our work that day will save lives as we also honor the legacies of the voices we bring along with us.”

– Joe Bullock, Survivor
Joe Bullock Advocacy in Action
Kambria and her Papa Advocacy in Action

“I am most excited about an opportunity to advocate for my papa – and for all of those fighting this disease –  all the way in Washington, D.C. I hope I get an opportunity to share my story and help others know that you are never too young to be an advocate. Awareness is key!"

Kambria Thompson, Loved One

“I am looking forward to advocating for everyone battling this disease, especially my own dad. I am most excited to stand alongside my daughter, and so many others, to help drive home the importance of Congress making this disease a priority! More research is needed, more treatment options, especially advanced stage treatment options, and more availability of treatments and screenings in rural communities."

– Korry Thompson, Loved One

How Are You Raising Colorectal Cancer Awareness This March and Beyond?

Caroline Maschke Advocacy in Action

“I raise awareness all-year round by wearing my Fight Colorectal Cancer t-shirts. I’ve started a club in my high school “Change for Colorectal Cancer” to create awareness of the statistic that by 2030, colorectal cancer is projected to be the leading cause of cancer deaths in people ages 20-49. My classmates are that demographic. For my teachers, their kids may fall into this demographic. Raising awareness is important, so that people who are young and may have signs and symptoms know that they need to be screened.” 

– Caroline Maschke, Loved One

“Showing how I live with colorectal cancer. Speaking about the stigmas we face in the hopes of breaking them.”

– JJ Singleton, Survivor
JJ Singleton Advocacy in Action
HCRC Fund Graphic Advocacy in Action

“By spreading the word that 45 is the new number to get screened.”

Hollingsworth Colorectal Cancer Awareness Fund

“When I was a teenager, my friend's mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. I will never forget what a bright light she was, and how utterly unfair it felt. Raising awareness about colorectal cancer is one way I can honor her legacy, while supporting the mission of incredible nonprofits like Fight CRC. It is incredibly moving to see groups come together to blanket their loved ones in support during their most difficult days, and I'm honored to be supporting Fight CRC this Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.”

Liz Coyle, Friend/Loved One
Liz Coyle Strong Arm Selfie Advocacy in Action
Tim McDonald Advocacy in Action

“All year long , I encourage others to get screened. Gearing up for March, I get my proclamations and recruit others to help so we get them in as many states as possible. In March, the city of Tampa goes blue. This year I am receiving a county proclamation at the Commission meeting on March 1. Last year I attended Call-on Congress virtually and this year I will be in D.C. As someone pursuing a liver transplant, I have started a site to help find donors for recipients and also be a resource for them through the process. It's turning me into someone who talks with medical professionals and insurance companies about this since it's not considered mainstream. And generally for Giving Tuesday, I raise money for Fight CRC.”

– Tim McDonald, Survivor

Need Some Gift Ideas for Someone You Love with Colorectal Cancer?

Wall of Champions Tribute

Honor and remember a loved one this March by putting their photo and name on the National Mall in D.C. during United in Blue and on our Wall of Champions. It's a great way to pay tribute to the survivors, caregivers, champions, and medical professionals and their relentless fights.

This wall is a celebration and an opportunity to honor and remember the Relentless Champions from our community who have touched our lives. As champions and advocates, we are charged with honoring and sharing the stories of people impacted by colorectal cancer.

Honor or remember a loved one. Any submissions after March 6 will be online for our Wall of Champions only (and not part of the United in Blue Installation on the National Mall).


Quiltlove, a company that makes personalized quilts for people going through major life events, is donating 10% of proceeds from CRC support quilts ordered by March 31, to Fight CRC in honor of #ColorectalCancerAwarenessMonth.

Quiltlove Advocacy in Action Colorectal Cancer Awareness

Quiltlove Founder Liz Coyle turned her passion into awareness. Her quilts are designed to be given as group gifts and feature custom squares containing drawings and messages from the recipient's family, friends and/or other members of their support network. These quilts are ideal for people who are isolating, facing long hospital stays, or otherwise going through a difficult time.

Quilts can be ordered before the end of March to help raise awareness of #ColorectalCancer, raise funds for Fight CRC, and support loved ones facing CRC.

To learn more, go to: Quiltlove

Kambria’s Mission

“Awareness is key,” says Kambria Thompson, a junior advocate who began making and selling custom-made colorectal cancer ribbon keychains to honor her papa, Dan Becker, a stage IV colorectal cancer survivor.

Kambria has become a passionate champion of colorectal cancer awareness, and what started as a spark – the idea to create and sell colorectal cancer keychains – turned into a crafty labor of love and a generous donation to Fight Colorectal Cancer.

“It was pretty satisfying to see the keychain orders on the first day. I’m Facebook famous for something positive,” said Kambria.

Kambria's Mission Advocacy in Action

Kambria’s message to kids is, “You can become an advocate at any age, and you are never too young to make a difference!” Her message to adults is, “Get screened. Screening is key.”

To order your colorectal cancer keychain, pen, or to order t-shirts from Kambria’s expanded shop this year, please visit Kambria’s Mission on Etsy

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

March is going to be both exciting and busy. Be sure to tune into our Community of Champions to watch Fight CRC at the White House Cancer Moonshot Colorectal Cancer Forum on Friday, March 10, 2023, from 3pm5:30pm EST. We are looking forward to seeing advocates in Washington, D.C., from March 12–14, 2023 for United in Blue installation volunteer day, the United in Blue rally, and Call-on Congress Hill Day!

If you’re unable to attend in person, please be sure to take action here on March 14 and engage members of Congress.

Finally, another great form of advocacy is encouraging family and friends to be screened for colorectal cancer. When found early, it is treatable and beatable, so creating awareness about screening is so important.

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