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In March, we launched the NEW Provider Finder tool. The Provider Finder is a list of colorectal cancer healthcare providers curated from Komodo’s technology. Patients can search for an oncologist, radiologist, surgeon, or gastroenterologist. For patients seeking second opinions, our extensive list of healthcare providers furnishes options that align within the travel areas you select.

Your Guide in the Fight Resource Meetups

Fight CRC’s Your Guide in the Fight Resource Meetups are free online gatherings for people affected by CRC who are seeking access to resources and peer-to-peer support.

This month, Your Guide in the Fight meetups will take place on April 14 at 12pm ET and April 26 at 4:30pm ET.

Whether you have just been diagnosed, are receiving treatment, or are supporting someone who is facing CRC, these meetups are a safe and reliable place to talk to people who have similar experiences to yours while learning about resources available to you from Fight CRC and partners alike. No one fights alone. 


In our continuing Ambassador Series, this month Jelena Tompkins joins us on the Taboo-ty Podcast to let us in on how she was able to maintain staying fit during treatment, and how it's different now. Make sure you catch it April 26, 2022!

In case you missed it, Yla Flores spoke with us in March to bring awareness on the need for screening! 

On the Blog

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Research Updates

Research Advocacy and Education for Patients with Colorectal Care” in the Journal Current Treatment Options in Oncology, which investigates the most effective approaches for creating and implementing successful research advocacy training. This article also discusses understanding best practices for evaluating advocates’ contributions to the field and explores barriers to research advocacy, as well as opportunities to improve the advocates’ role in research. You can read more about it and access the article!

Fight CRC’s patient education and research team, along with committed medical experts, aims to lead the Path to a Cure for colorectal cancer. A vital part of this is funding groundbreaking research through donations and playing key roles in research ourselves. Our expert workgroups are essential to this process. Explore our research efforts to see how Fight CRC is leading the Path to a Cure.

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