On May 23, 2017 the Trump Administration released its FY 2018 budget proposal. The proposal includes $3.6 trillion in federal budget cuts intended to balance the federal budget within 10 years.

The President’s 2018 budget requests $69 billion for Health and Human Services which is a 17.9% decrease from 2017.

We can’t let this happen. As those affected by colorectal cancer, it is important we speak out.


The President’s budget proposes to eliminate the CDC’s Colorectal Cancer Control Program (CRCCP).

This funding helps states increase screening rates among the most vulnerable populations by implementing evidence-based interventions including education, screening and follow-up services.

History of the Colorectal Cancer Control Program

In 2005, the CDC  invested in the CRCCP, a program that provides screening to the uninsured or underinsured. The CRCCP has made a significant impact in the 24 states where the program is currently located. The program’s goal is to increase colorectal cancer screening rates among men and women aged 50-75. Fight Colorectal Cancer has a long history of working to encourage funding for this program.


Dr. Jordan Karlitz from Louisiana explains the value of this program:

“Colorectal cancer is the 2nd leading cancer killer in the U.S. yet this deadly disease can be prevented through colorectal cancer screening and colon polyp removal during colonoscopy. The CDC Colorectal Cancer Control Program has focused on increasing screening rates throughout the country, including low income and uninsured populations. The program has been incredibly beneficial and has helped to save many lives and minimize health care disparities. Any cuts to this program would threaten the wellbeing of patients of all demographics and backgrounds due to decreased access to lifesaving colorectal cancer screening tests.

Program Impact to Date

To date, the CRCCP has provided almost 55,000 colorectal cancer screening exams, diagnosed 165 colorectal cancers and 8,441 cases of precancerous polyps. This program is a vital part in the fight against colorectal cancer.

This program is saving lives.

Join Fight CRC and Continue the Cause

Screenings provided to the most vulnerable through the CRCCP have made a significant impact. We must protect this program!

Advocates, this is where you come in!

Fight CRC Congressional Advisory Committee members Rep. Leonard Lance, Rep. Rodney Davis, and Rep. Donald Payne, Jr. are leading the charge to protect funding for this program. But we need your voices too.

Let your member of Congress know the importance of this funding to reaching our goal of seeing 80% of people screened by 2018!

This action will take less than 5 minutes of your time! Please act NOW and ask your member to sign the letter led by Reps. Lance, Davis and Payne!

Take Action Now!

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