It’s Time to Get Cold for a Cure!


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Colorectal cancer survivors, caregivers, and loved ones from across the country are taking a cold dip, creating snow angels, taking ice baths, and more to raise awareness for colorectal cancer! Participants are encouraged to choose a creative, socially-distanced way to get cold to raise awareness of colorectal cancer between January 2-3, 2021. 

Here are some ideas from our Climb & Photography Manager, Brian!

Established 15 years ago as the Polar Bear Dip by advocates Chad and Sheila Schrack in their hometown, everyone is encouraged to get involved this year. Cold for a Cure participants can get cold however they want, whenever they want! The Schracks plan to continue their local dip on a smaller scale and are encouraging other advocates to find an activity that works best for them: bundle up for a chilly walk, create a snow angel, build a snowman, take an ice bath, and even take a cold shower for those living in warmer regions of the country. They feel this is the perfect way to really show the relentless spirit of cancer survivors and ring in the new year with hope.

Advocates joining in the fun are asked to share their experience on social media using the hashtag #ColdForACure and/or make a donation in support of the cause.

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