Angela Nicholas, M.D., caregiver, and wife to the late John MacLeod who was a Fight CRC advocate describes how to use the Fight CRC Late Stage MSS CRC clinical trial finder, and what a patient can expect once they enter a clinical trial. She also offers tips and practical advice for those considering a trial for the first time, as well as those looking for their next option.

4 thoughts on “Dr. Angela Nicholas’ tutorial on the Clinical Trial Finder

  1. I want to see young people get seen. I was 25 with stage 3 colorectal cancer with 2 tumors 20 mm.. had 25 treatments of radiation and chemo 9 months 2 different colostomys gallbladder got took out have bone loss arthritis all thru my body it’s awful I’m now 50. I’m 18 yrs. Remission

  2. Thank you for the Information and reminding me that there are several reasons to seek out the clinical trials.

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