Meet Aubree Thelen, Fight CRC’s new Advocacy Manager

I have big shoes to fill as I step into Fight CRC’s Advocacy Manager position. While I am not a survivor myself, cancer has touched my life and the people I love. Watching the personal struggle of those in my life as they try to make sense and fight a cancer diagnosis, including my beloved godmother, close family, and friends, has put a fire under me regarding survivorship and driving change.

I see the work of past advocacy managers and the many advocates coming before me as a jumping off point to use my policy expertise to further stretch towards Fight CRC’s advocacy goals.

Attending the 2017 Call-on Congress as part of my previous position in cancer policy in Louisiana was a turning point for me. Since I was already working across all cancers, I had a good background in colorectal cancer, and I knew that it was the one cancer you can screen and prevent at the same time.

To me, that was particularly hopeful, and after seeing the passion and dedication of the advocates brought together by Fight CRC, I knew that my work was to help others’ voices be heard related to colorectal cancer. My skills could be used in many ways, but now, as I join Fight CRC as the Advocacy Manager, I know I’ve found a place where those skills will be put to meaningful and impactful use in service to others.

I am honored to represent and guide new and old advocates through the process of Call-on Congress this coming year with the Fight CRC team. Who would have thought that business trip in 2017 would lead to this opportunity!

With my past experience in state-based policy, we at Fight CRC are looking towards the future and making even more of an impact at different levels of government. Look for my advocacy alerts and get involved, making change from your struggle.

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    Florence Kurttila on November 7, 2018

    Congratulations and welcome Aubree!

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