Colon and rectal cancer survivors who meet Canadian public exercise guidelines have better quality of life and less fatigue.  However, only 1 in 4 survivors reported they were actively exercising. More than 400 colon and rectal cancer survivors in Canada answered questions about their exercise, quality of life, and fatigue.  Those who were exercising at the level recommended by guidelines reported significantly better quality of life.  They also had less fatigue. Even after adjusting for various medical and demographic factors, exercise still made an impact of both how tired survivors felt and how they perceived their overall quality of life. Carolyn Peddle and her team in Edmonton, Alberta wrote,
Colorectal cancer survivors meeting public health exercise guidelines reported significantly and meaningfully better quality of life and fatigue scores than colorectal cancer survivors who did not meet guidelines. Prospective observational studies and randomized, controlled trials are needed to further assess the causal nature of these relationships.
SOURCE: Peddle et al., Diseases of the Colon and Rectum, published online June 7, 2008.

2 thoughts on “Exercise Improves Quality of Life for Colorectal Cancer Survivors

  1. There is a YMCA is Sumter. Check out their website at

    Water exercise has helped me tremendously through several bouts of colon cancer. The YMCA in Auburn NY had group classes in water aerobics, both in shallow and deep water. A group with a regular schedule helps get you there.

    Now, with an ostomy, I have no problems exercising in water.

    Also Sumter County Active Lifestyles, in collaboration with the University of South Carolina, has a program called Step Up, Step Out with lots of information on exercising in your community.

  2. I do try to get in some exercise, but find I need to partner w/someone or get w/a group. Are there any Y’s or fitness centers that provide sponsorships? I live in Sumter, SC.

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