Fight Colorectal Cancer Raises Nearly $20,000 During “A Night with the Stars”


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On December 3, 2021, Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC) hosted A Night With the Stars at Greenhouse Two Rivers, Highlandville, Mo. which raised nearly $20,000 for colorectal cancer (CRC) research and patient education

It was an inspirational night that recognized Fight CRC’s President Anjee Davis’ 10-year work anniversary, commended research advocates and medical professionals whose efforts are getting people back to screening, and celebrated the survivors, caregivers, and loved ones in the room. 

“I can't help but be nostalgic about the night I was offered my role as President of Fight CRC,” said Davis. “Candidly, it was a bit unorthodox but incredible at the same time. Nancy Roach, our founder, made the announcement at Call-on Congress 10 years ago in front of 125 advocates. I haven't looked back." 

Representatives from Guardant Health presented awards to Research Advocacy Training and Support members, Wenora Johnson and Heidi Jurgens for their work in training survivors, caregivers, and CRC champions on the science behind colorectal cancer, from bench to bedside, and how to effectively engage with researchers, academic institutions, and cancer partners.  

“It was both moving and energizing to be surrounded by so many survivors, researchers, and fierce advocates at “A Night with the Stars,” said Julie Hamburg, MPH Director of Patient Advocacy at Guardant Health. “You could feel the love and sense of community in the room and everyone’s collective passion for progress in the fight against colorectal cancer. As a representative of Guardant Health, I had the opportunity to help present the “Back to Screening Award for Research Advocacy Excellence” to the patient and research advocates making a difference in the field. It was a testament to those dedicating their lives to the cause and a reminder of all the hope that’s on the horizon for patients. I left the event with a feeling of excitement: if we use our shared purpose to advocate for more research and funding, and to ignite more innovation in screening and early detection, we can truly move mountains in colorectal cancer.”

CRC survivors, caregivers, and loved ones, and medical professionals were celebrated throughout the night and commended for sharing their stories as relentless champions. 

“A Night with the Stars was a wonderful opportunity to share an evening with all of the physicians, researchers and FightCRC staff; who not only made it all possible, but made it absolutely perfect,” said Jill MacDonald, stage IV survivor. “The room was buzzing with excitement and hope of making advances in reducing the incidence of colorectal cancer. As a survivor, it was energizing. I couldn’t help but feel the love and strength of everyone involved.”

A Night with the Stars will be an annual event hosted by Fight CRC at their headquarters in Springfield, Mo. Stay up to date on the event:

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