As a part of Fight Colorectal Cancer’s (Fight CRC) mission to fight for informed patient support and breakthrough research endeavors, the organization has launched two new web-based tools: an updated Clinical Trial Finder and a Provider Finder.

The updated Clinical Trial Finder for Colorectal Cancer Patients is now housed on, making it easier for patients to find and use the tool. The Trial Finder is a one-stop place to search for and learn about high-impact research studies for colorectal cancer patients. Originally created by the late Dr. Tom Marsilje as a curated spreadsheet of clinical trials, the resource allows users to search for trials based on geography, recruitment status, phase, and other factors relevant to trial enrollment. The finder is currently showing trials for MSS (microsatellite-stable) and stage IV CRC patients, sourced from Maia Walker leads the curation of the trial finder.

“Start researching clinical trials as early as possible, at the time of a cancer diagnosis,” said Maia Walker, Lead Curator of the Fight Colorectal Cancer Trial Finder. “Worst myth in the house is 'clinical trials are the last resource.'”

One click away from the Clinical Trial Finder is the Fight CRC Provider Finder, a digital tool that helps patients find oncologists, radiologists, surgeons and gastroenterologists. Built on Komodo Health’s Healthcare Map, which uses artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to track de-identified healthcare encounters, the Provider Finder pulls up providers who are actively seeing and treating colorectal cancer patients around the country based on factors such as: geographic accessibility; the volume of colorectal cancer patients they treat; clinical trial experience; and whether they have a strong referral network to support interdisciplinary care pathways. The resource is designed to help simplify and accelerate the process for patients looking for a provider as well as help patients seeking second opinions.

“This suite of web-based tools we’re rolling out is another way we’re delivering on our mission to both provide patients with the education and resources they need to find the best treatment options and providers for them, as well as support innovative uses of data and further groundbreaking research,” said Anjee Davis, President of Fight Colorectal Cancer. To learn more about clinical trials, check out Fight CRC’s monthly blog series Clinical Trials Conversations. To learn more about the data powering the Fight CRC Provider Finder, visit Komodo Health. To help fund more innovative tools from Fight CRC, donate now.

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