Fight CRC Releases Four New Resource Brochures 


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Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC) proudly releases new educational, medically-reviewed resources for colorectal cancer patients and their families highlighting four key topics: screening, surgery, biomarkers, and clinical trials. 

The new resources have been designed as compact brochures that are easy to understand with clear explanations to help patients and caregivers make informed and educated decisions in care. The Fight CRC Medical Advisory Board reviewed these brochures to ensure that they are medically-accurate, trusted resources. 

The screening brochure is designed for those age 45 or older, with a family history of colorectal cancer, or signs and symptoms. The resource includes a colonoscopy prep shopping list and prep tips. It also outlines alternative screening options in addition to colonoscopy. 

The surgery brochure outlines the side effects of surgery, types of colon and rectal surgeries, questions for patients to ask their medical team, and a packing list. The Fight CRC surgery brochure covers important information for patients and their caregivers to consider before their procedure.

Understanding tumor biomarkers can change the landscape of treatment options for a colorectal cancer patient. The biomarkers brochure outlines information on biomarker reports and why biomarker testing is so important. The brochure includes a customizable wallet card containing important information such as biomarker testing date, cancer type, stage, where tumor tissue is stored, and biomarkers and other important factors of the person’s cancer.

Clinical trials are key to better understanding colorectal cancer as a disease. They are also fundamental for making cancer treatment individualized, with fewer side effects, so people can live longer with a better quality of life, and ultimately to find cures. Clinical trials are vital, but many patients find them complex and difficult to navigate. The Clinical Trials brochure outlines what a clinical trial is; who clinical trials are for; and so much more. Patients can learn benefits and risks; what questions to ask; terms patients should know; and who pays for a clinical trial. 

Navigating a colorectal cancer diagnosis is scary. Fight CRC aims to be a resource for those who are looking for medically-reviewed, accessible, and comprehensive colorectal cancer patient education materials. To learn more visit: