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Happy World Cancer Day! Today's a day where we lock arms with fellow fighters around the globe and recognize our shared commitment to end this dreaded disease called cancer. Today, we thought about diving into what we're doing on the Hill. We also thought about introducing you to our amazing work in colorectal cancer research and presenting the inspiring stories and volunteer opportunities at Fight CRC. But when it came down to it, we decided to get personal. Because cancer is personal. Why is the staff at Fight CRC fighting cancer on World Cancer Day? Take a look...
"Cancer has impacted my life personally twice. I lost my grandfather to esophageal cancer, and most recently, I lost my father to a rare bile duct cancer. I fight because no one should have to be given a diagnosis that devastating and no one should have to endure the pain that cancer brings for everyone involved. I fight for the hope that one day we can say, Cancer didn't beat us, we beat cancer." - Amanda Pemberton, Events Manager
"I fight for my aunt who was diagnosed with stage II CRC last year. I fight for her daughters and their children who now have to get screened at a very young age. If there is something I can do to make sure other families are aware of the symptoms of this disease and what they can do to prevent it, I'm willing to do whatever I can to help." - Nancy Levesque, Director of Communications
"I am in the fight against cancer because it is a real issue that our nation needs to be treating more intentionally. So many are affected by this disease every day, whether it is their own personal battle, or that of a friend, relative or coworker. I want their struggle to be heard, and for their voices to begin to make a difference in this fight. I firmly believe that every individual is beautiful and strong and valuable and when so many of those individuals are affected by one huge issue, we need to support each other and band together to empower change." - Anna Zachary, Volunteer Coordinator
"Cancer is a disease that has touched my family and friends in so many ways. It connects us all, unfortunately. For me, making the struggle with cancer matter through advocacy is the best way to honor those who fight and those who have passed." - Aubree Thelen, Advocacy Manager
"Losing my dad to colon cancer devastated my family. I'm here to use my voice to fight for a cancer-free future with the hopes of preventing this from happening to someone else's family! Attending my first Call-on Congress in 2009 was the first commitment I made in the fight against cancer!" - Michell Baker, Partnerships Manager
anjee_davis_president"I fight because I believe we are stronger together than we are alone, especially when facing cancer. This is a special day we get to be together celebrating our friends and family touched by all cancers. We also get to share stories about our friends and family we miss." - Anjee Davis, President
andi_dwyer_dir_health_promotion"The fight for me is to apply my research and science background to continue to prevent cancer, work towards treatments and help people fight for the quality of life each of us deserves." - Andi Dwyer, Director of Health Promotion
nichole_hyde_office_manager"I fight because everyone I know has been touched by cancer in some way." - Nichole Hyde, Business Manager
sharyn-worrall"I am passionate about fostering discussions around risk factors, signs and symptoms and screening in hopes that the rates of colorectal cancer diagnosis will decrease. I am passionate about supporting those affected by colorectal cancer as they navigate their experience – whether it’s at the time of diagnosis, treatment, survivorship, or end of life – to empower people to seek the care that’s best for them. I’m in the fight to continue pushing research forward so that we will one day have a cure for cancer." - Sharyn Worrall, Patient Education Manager
sam headshot"I fight for everyone that I have lost to cancer. I fight for my family's future and for day when we no longer lose loved ones to these diseases." - Sam Monica, Brand Manager
"For me this day represents hope and togetherness. To all those in the fight (caregivers, loved ones, survivors) you don't stand alone." - Elizabeth Fisher, Project Manager
Reese Garcia"I fight because I see the need to raise awareness and funding for research to improve health outcomes and the lives of cancer patients and their families." - Reese Garcia, Research Manager

Tell us why you fight

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