Help us welcome our new Advocacy Project Manager, Olivia! Keep reading to find out how colorectal cancer is personal to her and why she's excited to be part of our team.

Olivia Welch joined Fight Colorectal Cancer in January of 2022 as Advocacy Project Manager. Prior to joining, she worked in sales, where she developed a passion for finding solutions to drive results and building meaningful relationships. She strives to bring clear communication, honest thoughts, and empathy to every environment. 

Her first experience with Fight Colorectal Cancer was in August of 2021 at Climb for a Cure in Tahoe, CA. Hiking with a community of fighters encouraged her to become a Relentless Champion of Hope and join the team.

Olivia is in Kansas City, MO where you can find her daydreaming about SCUBA diving, enjoying stand-up comedy, the outdoors and karaoke.

Olivia's Story

Eleanor Faye Bennett, my Great-Grandmother, was an advocate herself. For 29 years she was a caregiver to my Great Granddad who was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 1985. After learning about colorectal cancer on T.V., he took a test and assumed the bleeding was from hemorrhoids. Grandma Faye advocated and took him for a colonoscopy where they found cancerous polyps. 

The polyps were removed, but new cancerous polyps were found every three months. The doctor suggested a colostomy, but within a month an ileostomy was performed. Grandma Faye retired, took excellent care of his wound, and he lived a meaningful and significant life as a survivor until he succumbed in 2014 to Parkinson’s disease. 

Grandma Faye, a Rosie the Riveter, worked at North American Aviation during WWII and learned dedication and precision. Her independent spirit continued in her role as a worker, caretaker, and matriarch. Health professionals continually commented on how well he had been cared for throughout Granddad's life. 

She was relentless and now her passion and dedication has been passed on to me.