Genetic Testing and You


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Fight CRC Medical Advisory Board member, Heather Hampel, MS, LGC, discusses the major subtypes of hereditary colon cancer, the types of genetic tests that will be useful for you and your family and what to do with your test results.

About the Presenter

Heather Hampel has been a cancer genetic counselor since 1995. Her clinical duties include providing comprehensive cancer genetic counseling to individuals and families with a cancer history. Her research interests include screening all colorectal and endometrial cancer patients for Lynch syndrome, the American Founder Mutation (exon 1-6 deletion in MSH2) as a cause of Lynch syndrome, and the etiology of MSI-negative familial colorectal cancers.

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Additional Resources on Genetic

US Surgeon General: My Family Health Portrait: Ohio State University Medical Center: Medical Family HealthLink Find a Local Counselor from the NSGC: Find a Local Cancer Genetics expert from the NCI: Telephone Genetic Counseling services are available Informed DNA: or call: 800-975-4819

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