Ask almost anyone after their first colonoscopy, and they'll tell you, "The procedure was nothing, but the prep was awful."

Now patients are reporting that combining MiraLAX®, an over-the-counter laxative, with two quarts of Gatorade tastes better and is easier to take than the standard 4-quart Golytely colonoscopy preparation. In a randomized clinical trial, almost 100 percent said they would repeat it again, compared to 1 out of 4 who wouldn't take GoLYTELY® in the future.

In addition, doctors found no differences in how thoroughly the two preps clean the colon.

Splitting the dose between the night before the colonoscopy and the morning of the procedure did improve colon cleansing. But there was no difference in cleansing between split-dose GoLYTELY and split-dose MiraLAX with Gatorade.

Although community gastroenterologists are using the combination of MiraLAX and Gatorade to clean the colon before colonoscopies, there hasn't been evidence that it was safe and effective. Gastroenterologists at the VA Healthcare System in Long Beach, California and at the University of California Irvine developed a randomized clinical trial to compare the MiraLAX prep with traditional  GoLYTELY.

They also compared bowel cleansing quality between giving all of the dose the night before colonoscopy to splitting the dose between the evening before and the morning of the exam.

Results of the Study:

  • There was no difference in bowel cleansing between the GoLYTELY and the MiraLAX/Gatorade preps.
  • There was a significant difference in bowel cleansing when either prep was given in a split dose. Split doses were better.
  • On a questionnaire, patients reported better taste and tolerability for the MiraLAX prep.
  • 96.8 percent of patients said they would be willing to repeat the MiraLAX prep compared to 75 percent of the GoLYTELY patients.
  • There were no significant changes in electrolytes before and after the prep between MiraLAX and GoLYTELY or in single-dose or split doses.

GoLYTELY is a powdered form of polyethylene glycol (PEG-ES) and electrolytes. It is combined with about a gallon of water to draw fluid into the colon to flush out feces.

MiraLAX is also powdered PEG, but doesn't contain electrolytes. It needs to be combined with two quarts of Gatorade to replace the electrolytes lost in watery diarrhea during the prep process.

Jason B Samarasena MD and his colleagues concluded,

Split-dosed MiraLAX/Gatorade was an effective, safe, and tolerable option for bowel preparation before colonoscopy in the low-risk patients in this study. MiraLAX/Gatorade appears to be more tolerable than Golytely as a bowel cleansing regimen and was the preferred agent by the patients in this study.

What This Means for Patients

Ask your gastroenterologist about combining MiraLAX with Gatorade as a preparation for colonoscopy.

Splitting the prep in two doses - one the evening before your test and the other half the morning before the exam - will improve colon cleansing. A clean colon is critical to an accurate exam.

Source: Samarasena et al, The American Journal of Gastroenterology, advance online publication May 8, 2012.

43 thoughts on “Have They Found a Better Colonoscopy Prep?

  1. My friend is having a colonoscopy. She is to go to the hospital at noon — they are going to prep her there — and she has the colonoscopy at 2 p.m. What is this? She lives in Louisville, KY.

    1. Hi Mary, Wishing light, love, and clear results to your friend today.

      Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to your question. Be sure to write back and keep us posted.

  2. Adding my experience here to the MiraLAX/Gatorade prep. I did this for my first colonoscopy, which was last year. I followed my doctor’s (lengthy and complicated) instructions that started 10 days in advance with cutting food, what I could and couldn’t eat, then ramped up to the day of prep itself. A quick note here: I eat a lot of vegetables daily and not being able to do that was both annoying and made me physically uncomfortable for the days leading up. I basically had to put my healthy lifestyle on hold for a solid week before I did the prep. On the day of the actual prep, I set timers to ensure I was drinking the concoction as instructed. My body reacted very slowly and by the next morning at 5, three hours before I was supposed to report for my 9 am procedure, I still had some sediment. I used a Fleet enema as instructed and it still seemed a little murky. Colonoscopy was performed but my doctor told me she couldn’t see as much as she would’ve liked and scheduled me to have another in 12 months, this time with the original “bad” prep. Her word. I would love to be able to manage prep another way. My whole system was out of wack for a full 6 weeks after this venture. I refuse to die of colon cancer and will continue to manage this as often as necessary, but the medical community needs to figure out alternatives — colon hydrotherapy is an immediate thought — that are healthier than forcing large amounts of high fructose corn syrup down people while also telling them to stop eating vegetables and insoluble fiber for days.

    1. Hi Jan! Thank you so much for your comment. We can agree that the hardest part of the colonoscopy isn’t the actual colonoscopy: It’s the prep. It is super frustrating when you follow lengthy and complicated directions “to the ‘T,'” and you still aren’t sufficiently cleared out for your procedure. Especially when you began prepping 10 days in advance.

      We are not able to give you medical advice. But we can try to give some suggestions for future preps and success. One thing that is important to know is that your prep should be a conversation — a real discussion with concerns — with your GI. These people are lifesavers. They want you to have a successful prep. But also, I don’t think they really take the time to have the conversation unless we initiate it.

      We recently posted a blog from Happy Colon Foods, which provides an alternative colonoscopy prep. I found it enlightening. The part where Dr. Scott tells us that we have choices and input for our prep — yes! That is really important for all of us to know.

      We are unique individuals. None of us will respond to “all things” in the “same way.”

      I had my colonoscopy when I turned 50 (then the recommended age, but in May 2021, the recommended age was lowered to 45). I told my GI, “I need a short form. I’m not going to be able to do that prep everyone else does.” The one you mentioned.) My GI was very responsive and gave me a “shorter form” prep, which TMI: I projectile vomited across the room on the second dose. I pulled the plug on prep. I was also having an endoscopy next day, so I went through with that. My nurse asked me what happened for the colonoscopy prep, and I told her. She mentioned that I didn’t HAVE to drink Gatorade, and asked what my favorite drink is (homemade sweet tea. I thought it was too dark use, but she told me to use it next time, and do the prep you mentioned.) My husband is a stage III rectal cancer survivor. I KNOW how it important it is to get that colonoscopy done. When I spoke with my GI at follow up from my endoscopy, she suggested the prep you mentioned, which also begin about a week in advance with cutting out meds, vitamins, and also seeds, and things like that. I got to prep day, I had the two Dulcolax® and 2pm and then went ahead with the prep you mentioned. I did clean out completely, and it was 100% better than the short form was, and I was able to have a successful colonoscopy.

      Thank you so much for sharing your time and experience. Please check back in with us. We would appreciate hearing how you navigate your next prep, which will be so helpful to others.

    1. Hi Lucia, We cannot provide medical advice. Please reach out to your GI’s office to speak with someone who can answer your question.

  3. Doctor prescribed Suprep and I followed the directions exactly but it didn’t work. Finished drinking it at 6pm and felt nauseous for a couple hours then at 10 the cramps started. Doubled over in pain every time about 4 – 6 times an hour. Lots of gas but no bowel movement. Got no sleep. Finally stopped cramping at 4am then at 6 the bowel movements finally started. My procedure was scheduled for 11am so I had to cancel. Finally stopped bowel movements around 2pm but was never completely cleaned out. Miserable experience with Suprep. Now they want me to do a TWO day prep with Golytely. Not eating for one day was bad enough and I don’t think I can go two days on a liquid diet with two days of that nasty drink. Thinking of getting a second opinion from another doctor….

    1. Hi David, thank you so much for your comment. We are sorry that you are having such a difficult time with your prep. Is this your first colonoscopy? Do you have signs and symptoms or are you going for a regular time-based screening? Have you ever had a successful prep and colonoscopy before this attempt. So many questions. First I want to say, “Yay, you!” for knowing you need to get this done. But also “Yay, you!” for knowing what you can and cannot withstand. In the best of circumstances, colonoscopy preps aren’t pleasant, but they are necessary. Before your second opinion — if you’ve already had one successful colonoscopy under your belt — tell your GI that you need to use the prep that has successfully worked for you.

      We’re all individuals, and we need to do what works for us, and then we need to advocate for the thing that works for us. However, if your current GI is not flexible, then you may want to consider a second opinion, gastroenterologists. Our Provider Finder lets you search by location. Good luck. Please keep us posted.

  4. I did my prep with a split dose of the GoLytley and it was a complete fail. Nothing happened for the entire first half of the prep. It wasn’t until well into the second half the next morning that the void began but by then it was too late. I wasn’t near ready for the procedure and had to cancel. My one 10 yrs ago was done with Moviprep and worked fine! All over the internet the two preps are compared and rated similarly effective but that wasn’t the case for me.

    1. Hi Christine, Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. That must have been such a frustrating experience. You hit the nail on the head: We’re all unique, and every prep won’t work the same or every person. I hope you’re able to get your prep and colonoscopy completed soon, and please let us know how you do.

  5. Have my procedure tomorrow. I’ve always used the myralax and Gatorade. But, they have Me Suprep this time. $125 at CVS! But, thank you goodRx. Anyway, this suprep is absolutely horrible. The neausa is terrible. I will force that 2nd bottle down tomorrow 730am, oofa! And from now on I’m telling my DR. I’m only using myralax !

    1. Good luck tomorrow, Daniel, and we hope everything goes well with your colonoscopy. We are so glad you are forging ahead despite the less than optimal prep experience. Just remember in the future that you can always advocate for the prep that works for you.

    1. Hi Rich:

      Good luck with your upcoming colonoscopy. Be sure to discuss your prep concerns with your health care team, and please check back in with us to let us know how you did or to share tips and tricks that may help others. Thank you so much for your comment.

  6. I’m so sorry to read of all the hardships faced when doing prep. Before my gastro surgery in 2007, I had my first colonoscopy and it was tough, was dehydrated, very ill, projectile vomiting, etc. Because of the surgery and to be cautious, I have the standard colonoscopy every 5 years since then (although one time I had to repeat 3 months later). I have had a couple different prep solutions but now always do the Miralax/gatoraid. I use the blue gatorade as it is the least ghastly tasting. But here is what REALLY helped me with the nausea and vomiting – beef broth. My gastro doc recommended taking it with the prep and I’m so thankful it worked. It relieves almost every bit of nausea and keeps me hydrated. It tastes good and I just sip it between swallows of the miralax/gatoraid solution. Just warm it up like soup and it goes down easily. I just did prep a week ago – no, it’s still not fun – but it is not the agony I used to experience.

    It really was something that simple that made a world of difference in prep. I hope this can help some of the people on this site who are having such trouble.

    1. Hi Catherine, Thank you so very much for sharing your experience and helpful tips!

  7. I have stage 4 anal cancer. It was discovered 3 years ago at my regularly scheduled colonoscopy. It was diagnosed as Stage 2. They did a colostomy, and because it had moved into my vagina, I had to have a major surgery and “rebuild”. So now I have a stoma and an ostomy bag.
    Six months later it metastasized to my liver…Three times. Than to my left lung. Then to my right lung. I have been through numerous ablations and surgeries, radiation once and chemotherapy two different years. It is now time for another colonoscopy. I DO NOT want to deal with the prep, Gatorade makes me throw up. Also, I have ostomy bags and cannot imagine pooping diarrhea into bag after bag and having to deal with the potential blow outs.
    I need a better way.
    Neither my GP nor my Oncologist are being very helpful.

    1. Hi Deb, no matter what prep you use, preps are designed to completely clear you out. They also require a large liquid volume to keep you from dehydrating since there is so much output from a prep. Unfortunately, I don’t have a solution for you, but hopefully someone will see your message and have some suggestions.

  8. The prep for my last colonoscopy was awful. I had to drink two bottles of something that I don’t remember the name of – it made me so sick. I was in the bathroom for hours. I was vomiting, I had chills, I ran a fever, and I felt faint. I had to wear pads to leave the house to go to the surgery center. I was able to have the colonoscopy but I said never again! After 6 years I have to go through this again. I am 75 and I thought I would not need to have another one. My doctor has given me sutap pills – to they are so expensive. I hope they work and that they do not make me sick. My doctor said my previous reaction was rare but it was so awful I just couldn’t go through it again which is why my doctor prescribed it. Now the insurance company won’t cover the cost. Too bad there isn’t a better way to do the test!

    1. Hi Fran, we really do understand how terribly these preps may affect some people. My husband is a rectal cancer survivor, and he had many of the same reactions that you had (vomiting, chills, felt faint). He had tried different liquid preps trying to find the “right” fit because he needs yearly colonoscopies. We wish you ease of prep with the Sutap pills. Since your reaction to the liquid prep was rare, you may consider appealing the insurance decision not to cover the cost. We cannot provide medical advice, and we wish you a better prep experience this time around.

  9. Hey, Trish. I also mourn the loss of my sweet father. I just wanted to say that I pray you are well and healthy. I know you’ve been anxious. Have you gotten everything done by now? Please take care. Know that someone in Texas cares.

  10. For everyone having trouble with the prep, I suggest talking to your doctor about a colonic (colon irrigation; colon cleaning). My first prep nine years ago resulted in the normal side effects, but my prep a month ago was severely dehydrating — I lost 10 pounds after extreme diarrhea (about 75 times) that night. I told them when I went in, and they started the IV immediately to rehydrate me (ok as the liquids went into the blood not the digestive tract). I asked about a colonic for prep and the doctor thought it would be like an enema and not clean out the entire colon — he was mistaken. If I ever do prep again, I would do a colonic — and they put probiotics back in — I made sure I added in lots of probiotics the week after the colonoscopy.

  11. Just had my first colonoscopy today. Recommended by the doctor who did my health screening, not because of any red flag but as a preventive measure. This website was a great resource.

    My colonoscopy was scheduled for Friday morning. On Monday, I started eating a rice porridge-based diet. On Tuesday, orange juice for breakfast, rice noodles with an egg for lunch and for dinner. On Wednesday, liquid diet of one litre of chicken broth, one litre of coconut water, 500ml herbal tea and one litre of apple juice. Thursday, I had a litre of coconut water in the morning, and a bowl of chicken broth for lunch. I no longer voided hard stool.

    I started prep on Thursday afternoon at 5pm. Three sachets of a powdered mix called Fortrans. Each sachet to be mixed with one litre of plain water. I had to drink all 3 litres in 2 hours. I mixed the first batch at 4pm and cooled it in the fridge. Just before 5pm, I poured the 1st batch into 4 mugs, and mixed the second batch to put in the fridge.

    The first 2 mugs went down without issue. Fortrans is tasteless but it has a slight slick texture. After the 3rd mug, the slickness got to me, so I took a sip of a lemon drink called C1000 which killed the slickness immediately.

    At 5.40pm, I drank the 4th mug, sipped my C1000. Then I poured out the 2nd batch, prepped the 3rd batch and put it in the fridge. I drank 2 mugs of the 2nd batch.

    I started going to the loo at 5:30pm and voided brownish liquid. The urge would come every 10 to 15 minutes and I had time to reach the bathroom.

    At 6.15, I drank the 3rd and 4th mugs of the 2nd batch, plus one mug of the 3rd batch. Had no problems as the frequent voiding reduced the amount of liquid in my stomach. By 6:30pm, the liquid ejected was pale yellow and had no smell of excrement. I finished the 3rd batch of Fortrans at 7pm.

    By 9pm, there was no longer any urge to visit the loo. I drank another litre of coconut water over the evening. I slept well. This morning, I voided small quantities of clear fluid each time I went to the loo. My colonoscopy at 10.30am went well. The doctor found and removed 6 tiny polyps. I was sedated and don’t recall anything of the procedure.

    The reduction and cessation of solid food definitely helped.
    As I didn’t have a difficult time purging, I did other activities which helped take my mind off the prep process.

    I had on standby 3 bottles of different sports drink (Gatorade, C1000, 100Plus) and 2 bottles of C&C soda water but only needed to sip the C1000 while downing the Fortrans. The coconut water naturally has electrolytes, so I didn’t need to depend on the sports drinks.

  12. I follow the directions carefully during all 4 of my colonoscopy preps. Still, each time, I get dehydrated and get a severe UTI. Now I have second stage chronic kidney disease and refuse to endanger my kidneys by preparing for another colonoscopy. Does anyone know if a ct colonoscopy or any other imaging test for the colon can be done without a prep?

  13. Hi, Please Help!
    I lost my dad in 2021 to colorectal cancer. 😞It Never showed up in his routine bloodwork until stage 4, so it was a very sudden diagnosis and 3 weeks after, he was gone.💔
    I am now 48 and have attempted to get a colonoscopy 2 times.
    I am able to tolerate the GoLytely prep drink (although not fun) but the next morning I am so sick that I’ve had to cancel the procedure both times! I even got pedialyte the 2nd time thinking I needed more electrolytes but it didn’t make a difference.
    My symptoms in the morning after drinking the whole prep the day before are:
    Vomiting clear,
    Shakey Dizzy,
    Tingling in hands/fingers,
    I can’t even get out of bed!
    I feel like a ticking time bomb because I have ibs and GI issues. Recently, I have new pain going on. I really need to know that I don’t have colon cancer or polyps.
    I think I either have an underlying issue causing this or my body goes into some state that will not show up on normal bloodwork. I’m seeing a new GI and an Endocrinologist but I’m afraid they won’t find anything wrong. How the hell am I suppose to get a colonoscopy? I feel
    My GI and my PCP didn’t take me seriously when I told them.
    Has anyone had a similar experience and then found out what was causing it? I’d love to hear people’s thoughts and ideas about this.
    Thank You,

    1. Hi Trish: I was hoping someone would respond with their experience to help you out. Can I just suggest that if that prep didn’t work for you two times now that you advocate for yourself with your doctor and let them know that prep has not worked and ask for recommendations for another prep that may work for you?

      To share my personal experience: I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy scheduled, and I didn’t think I would be able to get through Miralax prep. So I asked my doctor for another option. They gave me Suprep. I made it through until 5pm. I took the first dose and was OK. After the second dose I threw up. I ended my prep (for colonoscopy). I still had endoscopy. My doctor told me I needed to have my colonoscopy (which of course I knew!). Before my endoscopy, I spoke with my nurse, and she asked my favorite drink (homemade sweet tea), and she suggested I make two 32 oz. batches and mix the Miralax in. I was able to complete the Miralax prep with no vomiting or issues, and I was completely cleared out.

      All that to say: If the same prep didn’t work for you twice, please find one that can or someone who can recommend a prep that will work for you so you can have a successful colonoscopy. Preps are not pleasant, but they aren’t the worst thing. Colorectal cancer is far worse than any colonoscopy prep.

  14. My first colonoscopy was with the Golytely and yeah, it tasted awful, but I got it down and it worked. Just had my 2nd colo. and used the Gatorade/Miralax mix. It also worked, but the Gatorade made me vomit for the first prep, so I was going at both ends. I also got the chills using this prep. It worked, though, and all in all, you just get through it. I’d use the Gatorade again.

    Reminder: if you use Gatorade, use the one without coloring!!

  15. Has anyone tried the new SUTAB prep? All tablets! My doctor isn’t familiar with it so she does miralax and ducolase. Last time I did the miralax and was so sick in the middle of the night with chills and felt like I was going to pass out.

  16. Use G2 Gatorade. Piece of cake mixed with Miralax.
    Prep was so so much easier this time due to prep changes and better products.

  17. I have had three colonoscopies over the last 5yrs. I am a colon cancer survivor so I take this procedure very seriously. Although the GoLytely was by far the worst, it was effective in clearing the bowels. I had a very difficult time consuming all of the mixture but battled through.
    The second time I was given the Gatorade regimen. The process was much easier to complete and the results were the same as the GoLytely.
    The third time I was given Moviprep. I followed the instructions exactly and was horrified to find that it did not work as expected. Luckily I had a doctor who was able to complete the colonoscopy with rinsing the bowel as she went. I would have been devastated if I had to repeat the prep all over again. Any other doctor could have easily turned me away.
    So lesson learned… I will be asking for the Gatorade prep for the remainder of my colonoscopies!

  18. I’ve had 5 colonoscopies now, and this last time was the easiest yet. It’s never a picnic, but at least I didn’t end up in the ER like last time. The Gatorade made a big difference. It’s not my favorite beverage, but it did its job while the dulcolax & miralax did their jobs. The only advice I have is to park yourself in our just outside the bathroom.

  19. I’m doing the orange Gatorade with miralax and a packet of lemonade to cover the flavor. Very easy to do. Tomorrow at 3am I’ll do the other 32 oz..
    Not bad at all.

  20. I will be having my 60 yr birthday present at 12noon today. I guarantee you I will NOT accept this gallon of PEG for my 70th Birthday!! My first colonoscopy (my reward for turning 50) was huge salty pills followed by a glass of water. Unpleasant but doable. A gallon of PEG (Split Dose) is well, in my mind, totally unacceptable. The nausea is awful. I just dumped the last 20 ounces down the drain. Can’t and wont do it! Wish I knew about the Mirlax and Gatorade option before this. Come on people ….this is 2019 we have to have a better solution (pun intended). I’ll let you know how it goes but there is no way I am repeating this for my 70th!

  21. Virginia – I just had the Suprep yesterday before my first colonoscopy. I could get the “day before” dose down ok, and had no cramping or pain of any kind. It almost was painless, really. The bigger problem was trying to tolerate and “keep down” the next dose the morning of my procedure. On an empty stomach, with that BITTER taste (even mixed with Crystal light lemonade)I could only get about 85-90% of it down–however I was “clear” the night before so I suspected I was “good” – dr. confirmed I was the next day. One small polyp removed, awaiting biopsy results. I may look at Miralax next time if it has no taste…I’d rather taste 64 oz of Gatorade then taste that Suprep again!!

  22. Has anyone’s doctor ordered you to use SUPREP To cleanse for Colonoscopy? It was by far
    the worst prep I’ve ever had to do. I”m 76, so have had several Colonoscopies. It was a night
    from hell from 6pm to 11:00, I had cramps worse than labor pains and then my bottom felt like fire was coming out and burned horribly til I couldn’t even wipe, just hurt so bad to even blot myself in between blasts! It tasted awful and then coming out even worse!

  23. Why not mix the GoLytley with Gatorade instead of water? I’ve had a problem getting a thorough cleanse with the miralax/Gatorade mix in the past and also had a problem with keeping down the GoLytley/water mix. Would there be a problem with that solution?

  24. Miralax was a total failure for my recent colonoscopy. I followed directions given me by my doctor, however it was far from cleansing the bowel for the procedure…therefore it was a failure.
    My doctor concluded, “poor preparation “. I don’t get it.
    A successful colonoscopy is critical in my situation because of copious bleeding. I’ll need another colonoscopy but I ask myself, do I need to find another doctor?

  25. Tomorrow I have my appointment for my colonoscopy. I’ve been dreading drinking the GoLYTELY Prep. Since last time I had an epic failure, I couldn’t drink all the prep. So I had to cancel my appointment. While drinking it was causing me to gag, so I just couldn’t drink it. It was a supposed piña colada flavored one, or not!! Ugh horrible experience!!

    I first said a prayer asking God to help me be able to drink this without any problems. So I can have my procedure done tomorrow, since it’s important. I made sure to chilled the prep longer this time, this is a lemon flavored prep this time. I picked up some orange spiced herbal tea, brewed a cup and poured 8oz of prep into a separate glass.

    Any way… I drank a few sips of my hot orange spiced herbal tea first, then used a straw and drank down my first 8oz glass of prep. I’ve already managed to drink 2-8oz glasses of prep in the first half an hour. I didn’t gag once during drinking it. I made sure to use a straw so I can avoid the prep hitting my taste buds. Between the straw, smell and after taste of the orange spiced herbal tea, it seems to block the taste and smell of the prep. All I’m tasting is the tea. I also make sure to suck it all down each time as fast as I can. So no stopping during drinking it.

    I’m finding that doing all of the above is actually making this a whole lot easier.

    I hope this helps other people, I know it’s making it easier for me to get through this. I have to give credit to someone else who had mentioned drinking orange spiced herbal tea before and after each glass of prep. I had read that on line.

    Best to everyone, we all have to go through this sooner or later. But if we can do it in an easier way then I’m all for it. God bless everyone!! <3

  26. Nobody’s going to die or become obese from drinking Gatorade one in 5 or 10 years for medicinal purposes. Many treatments and diagnostics would not be considered “healthy” but still make sense in the overall health picture. I would definitely do the Gatorade next time because the other option was absolutely nauseating and I have been dreading doing it again for the past 10 years. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

  27. Liquid Gatorade is water and high fructose corn syrup. HFCS is very unhealthy and is majorly responsible for the epidemic of obesity in this country.

    I would discourage anyone from using Liquid Gatorade at any time.

    I’m not sure if the powered Gatorade has HFCS or if it would be appropriate to mix with Miralax for this purpose, but one could ask one’s doctor about it.

    1. I don’t think the issue is drinking Gatorade every day, but only in very rare instances before colonoscopy.

      Gatorade replaces electrolytes lost during the colonoscopy prep and fights possible dehydration which can lead to heart and kidney damage.

      For most people the prep would be done only once every ten years. If polyps were found, the prep might have to be repeated in 3 to 5 years.

      Given that colonoscopy saves lives, any possible risk from Gatorade is well-balanced against lives saved through colonoscopy screening.

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