Helping the Colorectal Cancer Community in Ukraine


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Fight Colorectal Cancer strives to have a positive impact locally, nationally, and globally, and our hearts go out to the Ukraine community. 

We stand together with our community of patients, families, and caregivers, relentlessly working to bring attention to colorectal cancer and all the issues surrounding it during this time of crisis. Because no one fights alone. 

From across the miles, we stand united with the Ukraine community and provide support and assistance.

For more resources: National Comprehensive Cancer Network, American Cancer Society, Digestive Cancer Europe, GI Cancers Alliance, and EuropaColonUkraine.

One thought on “Helping the Colorectal Cancer Community in Ukraine

  1. Thank you for the support and caring to get this information to everyone the best you can.
    Stay strong and don’t let anything bring you down. We are fighters..

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