Early morning with our advocates telling all GMA viewers about One Million Strong!
Early morning with our advocates telling all GMA viewers about One Million Strong!

Whew! What a day!

We’d say our Times Square kickoff was a hit!

  • We learned new moves.
  • Our PSAs ran on NASDAQ boards.
  • We met amazing people.
  • The GMA show promoted our cause.
  • We saw amazing abs.
  • We did yoga in Times Square.
  • We let the world know about COLORECTAL CANCER and ONE MILLION STRONG.

Thank you again to our main sponsor, Bayer Healthcare, for our One Million Strong Times Square Kickoff and Fight Colorectal Cancer board member David Wicks who gave us the opportunity to show our PSA on the NASDAQ boards!

Enjoy a few highlights of our event in NYC today.

More to come on Monday…

Video of One Million Strong in Times Square

Rodrick Samuels Throws Dishes from Fight Colorectal Cancer on Vimeo.

Want MORE from Times Square!?!

What an amazing way to kick off One Million Strong in Times Square! Yoga classes, dance parties, Prevent Cancer’s Super Colon, celebrities and beloved children’s show characters came out to promote colorectal cancer awareness.

Thank you to everyone who joined us – either in person or online!

Don’t forget – take the pledge and become a part of One Million Strong!

If you’d like to see more coverage, check out a few of these sites:


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  1. 1
    Prevent Cancer Super Colon Takes a Bite Out of the Big Apple! - The Prevent Cancer Blog on March 7, 2013

    […] everyone to celebrate the more than one million survivors of the disease in the U.S. The event included lots of fun, health-related activities that attracted many on-lookers to come find out […]

    1. 2
      Michael Sola on March 7, 2013

      Thanks to our friends at Prevent Cancer and especially the crew who manned the Super Colon: Ashley Boggs, Cheryssa Jensen who were phenomenal in guiding over 500 people through the Prevent Cancer Super Colon and coordinating an informative part of the event.

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