FightCRC_Webinar_January2015_800x300 In our October webinar we spent time reviewing family history and importance.  In this webinar, we discussed genetic and familial syndromes that are specific to colorectal cancer.   Additionally, we talked about what you might look for in your family history and discussed implications for prevention and management of the colorectal cancer syndromes based on this information! Check out the video & slides below!

 Video Recording of the Presentation

 Slides from Presentation

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 Audio Podcast  - listen to the webinar


Lisa Ku, MS, CGC | Certified Genetic Counselor lisa-ku-genetic-webinarLisa Ku, MS is a board certified Genetic Counselor at the University of Colorado. Since receiving her MS degree from the University of Colorado Denver in 1998, she has been involved in several clinical and research activities related to specific genetic conditions such as cancer and heart disease. Her previous work experience includes providing genetic education and risk assessment for individuals and families at the University of Colorado and the University of California, San Francisco, as well as via phone consultation for a private genetic testing laboratory in Denver, CO. She has also been involved with enrolling and counseling families for NIH grant funded projects and registries. Lisen Axell, MS, CGC | Certified Genetic Counselor Lisen-Axell-genetic-webinarA genetic counselor, Ms. Axell holds a master’s degree in genetic counseling from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. She specializes in cancer genetics, having worked in the field for the last 15 years. She is an Up to Date co-author with Dr. Dennis Ahnen on Lynch syndrome. Ms. Axell has worked on a number of projects to increase identification of Coloradoans at the highest risk for cancer, to promote cancer early detection and prevention.