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Summer is here! Take a look at the exciting events we have coming up and ways to get involved!

Our new Provider Finder and Trial Finder have launched! Patients can search for an oncologist, radiologist, surgeon, or gastroenterologist with our Provider Finder. For patients seeking second opinions, this tool gives options that align within the travel areas you select. The Trial Finder can help patients with late stage "MSS" colorectal cancer get a potential list of clinical trials to discuss with their medical teams.


  • July 27 at 1pm EST: Instagram Live with Triage Cancer to discuss finances and cancer 
  • August 6 and 7: Climb for a Cure is happening! For many, colorectal cancer is the biggest mountain they will ever face. Climb for a Cure is an opportunity to heal and fight alongside a community of champions. Join one of our 11 locations, or create your own!
  • August 25 from 1-2pm EST: Join us for a webinar as we discuss surgery options for both primary and metastatic disease, how to prepare for surgery as a patient, and what to expect during and post surgery. Register here!

Your Guide in the Fight Resource Meetups

Fight CRC’s Resource Meetups are free online gatherings for people affected by colorectal cancer seeking access to resources and peer-to-peer support.

Whether you have just been diagnosed, are receiving treatment, or are supporting someone who is facing CRC, these twice-per-month meetups are a safe and reliable place to talk to people who have similar experiences to yours, while learning about resources available to you from Fight CRC and partners alike. A meetup does not take the place of a doctor or healthcare team, but is a great place to start when searching for more resources! 

Join us for one or both meetups this month! 

In Case You Missed It


  • ASCO Follow-Up: If you missed hearing Dr. Timothy Cannon from Inova Health unpack colorectal cancer research from the 2022 ASCO Annual Conference, you can find it here

Instagram (IG) Live Recordings

  • You can check out all of our previously recorded IG Live videos here!

Blogs from June

Tabooty Podcast

  • In our most recent episode on the Tabooty Podcast, Financial Toxicity, we met up with one of our Ambassadors, Paula Chambers-Raney. She shared her story and spoke to us about how living in a state that didn’t recognize her marriage impeded her access to insurance. You can find this episode and all of our podcast episodes with our Ambassadors (and more) on your favorite podcast app or on our website here!

Research Updates

An exciting colorectal cancer study presented during the 2022 ASCO Annual Meeting — simultaneously published in The New England Journal of Medicine — indirectly brought worthy attention to the importance of biomarkers and biomarker testing.

Make sure to watch our Instagram Live video for an interview with Dr. Cathy Eng, where she explains the trial, how to know if it’s for you, and how patients can find and learn more about clinical trials like this one. 

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