Are you looking for real-time support and help finding local resources? Check out Fight CRC’s partnership with the Cancer Support Community.

In 2015, Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC) and the Cancer Support Community (CSC) embarked on an important partnership to help patients and caregivers access real-time support. Many people touched by colon or rectal cancer face a gap when it comes to access to resources and navigation to psychosocial support — this partnership aims to fill that gap.

The Cancer Support Community runs a call center (Cancer Support Helpline) staffed by licensed mental health professionals and resource specialists who are experts at providing information and referrals to local, regional, and national resources, distress screening, decision-support counselling, and short-term counseling services. Callers who reach out to Fight CRC’s toll-free resource line (1-877-427-2111) have the option to speak directly with a counselor from CSC for live assistance.

Fight CRC is excited to announce another great year of partnership with CSC! In addition to the services already offered (see below), the line now offers medical translation services, available to callers in over 200 languages. This is a tremendous service that will support many colorectal cancer patients and caregivers as they navigate through cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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‘We always anticipated that some callers to the Cancer Support Helpline would not be English speaking. As a result, we decided in May 2018 to launch medical translation services to the Cancer Support Community’s Helpline to assist several underserved populations that couldn’t benefit from our services in the past. We are thrilled to announce that our Helpline counselors and resource specialists can now offer support in over 200 languages. This is such a great opportunity to expand our psychosocial services and provide resources to so many people, including CRC patients and caregivers who didn’t know they could access them in their own language.’ – Aicha Diallo-Bennett, MPH, CHES, Director, Cancer Support Helpline, Cancer Support Community

Services offered by CSC helpline include:

  • Connecting callers to local or national resources, including support groups, transportation services, and other programs
  • Short-term cancer counseling and emotional assistance
  • Treatment decision planning
  • Financial counseling regarding the costs of cancer and its treatments
  • Access to an online distress screening program, CancerSupportSource®
  • General information about the Cancer Support Community and Fight CRC

The helpline is open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern, Monday through Friday.

Check out these resources featuring CSC Licensed Clinical Social Workers:

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