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Our new Provider Finder and Clinical Trial Finder have launched! Patients can search for an oncologist, radiologist, surgeon, or gastroenterologist with our Provider Finder. For patients seeking second opinions, this tool gives options that align within the travel areas you select. The Trial Finder can help patients with late stage "MSS" colorectal cancer get a potential list of clinical trials to discuss with their medical teams. 

Your Guide in the Fight Resource Meetups

Fight CRC’s Your Guide in the Fight Resource Meetups are free online gatherings for people affected by colorectal cancer (CRC) seeking access to resources and peer-to-peer support.

This month, Your Guide in the Fight meetups will take place on May 12, 2022, at noon EST and May 24, 2022, at 4:30pm EST

Register for an upcoming meetup that fits your schedule, and learn more about the resources we have for newly diagnosed patients

Whether you have just been diagnosed, are receiving treatment, or are supporting someone who is facing CRC, these twice-per-month meetups are a safe and reliable place to talk to people who have similar experiences to yours, while learning about resources available to you from Fight CRC and partners alike. A meetup does not take the place of a doctor or healthcare team, but is a great place to start when searching for more resources! Come join us this month to get connected!



In this month’s episode of Fight CRC’s Taboo-ty Podcast, we sit down with Tim McDonald to hear his story and about how he became involved in advocacy work. Tim aspires to share his story as much as possible, to create ripples in the colorectal cancer community, which could potentially help change how we see treatments as standards and not "outside the box" ideas.  Make sure you catch it May 30, 2022!

If you missed it, you definitely want to check out April’s episode in our Ambassador Series, where Jelena Tompkins discussed what being physically active looked like for her before, during, and after treatment! 

The Importance of Fitness with Jelena Tompkins

You can find all of our podcast episodes with our Ambassadors (and more) here!

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Don’t forget to visit our Blog page to stay on top of breaking news and to read stories from our community!

Research Updates

Final analysis of trial KEYNOTE 117 (NCT02563002), which tested pembrolizumab (anti PD-1 immunotherapy) versus chemotherapy in patients with newly diagnosed MSI-H/ MMRd metastatic CRC: pembrolizumab did not show a significant improvement in OS (overall survival) compared with chemotherapy. Based on this trial, pembrolizumab was approved in this setting (first line in stage IV treatment) because of the PFS (progression free survival) results and less side effects.

The investigators concluded, “In this updated analysis, although pembrolizumab continued to show durable antitumor activity and fewer treatment-related adverse events compared with chemotherapy, there was no significant difference in overall survival between the two treatment groups. These findings support pembrolizumab as an efficacious first-line therapy in patients with microsatellite instability–high or mismatch repair–deficient metastatic colorectal cancer.”

Read more from The Lancet and the ASCO Post.

In partnership CGA-IGC and Fight CRC are offering research, quality improvement, or community engagement project awards that advance science, clinical care, or advocacy for patients with inherited colorectal cancer syndromes, familial colorectal cancer or early age onset colorectal cancer. Check it out.

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