Darlene Robinson

Every day in March, Fight CRC will feature a new Awareness Ambassador. All of our Ambassadors are sharing their own very personal stories so that we can work to break down barriers to screening.

Darlene Robinson


“I am a 20+ year oncology nurse whose life has forever been changed by colon cancer. In 2009, just one week before leaving for California to study architecture, my 18 (yes, 18) year old son was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer. My son, Kalief Raymond Robinson-Byrd, fought this disease with honor and courage until he took his last breath on February 9, 2013.

This disease is preventable with early screening and because an informed community can be an empowered community, I want to spread awareness and help patients and families learn to advocate for themselves and understand how to access resources at the first sign of symptoms.”


There are over 1 million colorectal cancer survivors in the United States.
There are 30+ million that need to be screened. Let’s break down barriers to screening. 

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