Every day in March, Fight CRC will feature a new Awareness Ambassador. All of our Ambassadors are sharing their own very personal stories so that we can work to break down barriers to screening.

Ronnie and Sherri

Survivor and Caregiver

“Had I not refused a colonoscopy I’m sure the cancer would not have been so advanced. Cancer took my job, but it did not take my family, friends, or my sense of humor. And since diagnosis my testament has helped others act on getting screened. In my view, my cancer, my journey, did not take the best parts of my life, but has aided in detecting cancer in others in the most curable stages, maybe saving lives.” – Ronnie

“I am the wife of a colorectal cancer survivor. Our lives changed the day we heard the word cancer. Ronnie had rectal cancer which required chemo, radiation and then surgery. We made it thru all the medical procedures but not without love and faith. I fight today to be a voice that there are individuals out there to help.” – Sherri


There are over 1 million colorectal cancer survivors in the United States.
There are 30+ million that need to be screened. Let’s break down barriers to screening.