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North Wales, Pennsylvania

Angela's Story

After just two weeks of symptoms, my husband John was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer November 1, 2013. He was 45 years old at the time. Since then, he has had over 30 chemo treatments, four surgeries, numerous procedures, three series of radiation treatments, and is currently enrolled in his second clinical trial.

Cancer is what he has, not who he is. John continues to stay active playing lots of golf and being a wonderful husband and father to two girls, Emily (28) and Sarah (12).
Ironically, I am a family physician. I have learned what my patients feel - helpless, and terrified. Those are the two adjectives I remember the most from the day John was diagnosed. Over the first six months, we became empowered, mainly because John was expecting me to find the answer. I learned from other caregivers and patients how to be his advocate, and how to find the answers no one was giving me. And now I can help others do the same for themselves.
It has been three and a half years since that day. But here we are - living our life and kicking cancer's you-know-what!

Angela's Advice

Seek out advice from other patients who can help you navigate the complicated medical process.


Angela moderated our "Prevention & Treatment" panel during the 2017 Call-on Congress. Watch as she explains her experience as a caregiver and offers encouragement for patients working with their medical teams.

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If you’ve been impacted by colorectal cancer, we need you! Join us and use your experience, your story and your voice to create real change. Join the One Million Strong by sharing your story. Next, see all the ways you can do something about this disease and take steps to get connected with our community. Come fight with us.

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  1. Please help me advocate for my sister she has stage 4 colon cancer and her Physician is not trying for a cure She is only receiving 5FU and i do not believe that is enough and i dont know how to get them to be more aggressive Please help me

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