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Meet Barry

Patient / Survivor Ashford, Wisconsin

Barry's Story

Dec. 2014, I was experiencing severe gas issues and uncontrollable urges to go to the bathroom. I literally had to freeze in place and tighten my backside muscles until the feeling passed, and was able to head for the restroom. This continued until Apr. 2015 when I finally was told by my family doctor that a colonoscopy was now inevitable. On Jun. 2015 I was diagnosed with stage III colorectal cancer with a 4 cm tumor blocking 75 percent of my rectum. I put off listening to my doctor for five years on getting a colonoscopy. Long story short, I went through eight weeks of radiation, surgery to remove tumor and suspect nodes, 11 days in the hospital and ended up with a permanent colostomy. Then eight more chemo treatments, and now I'm two years into a five-year follow-up plan.
My aunt and her daughter both suffered from Crohn's disease. My aunt passed on because she did not want a colonoscopy and possible surgery. Her daughter has had colonoscopies, sections of her intestine removed, but continues to live with an ileostomy.

Barry's Advice

If I had known how painless and easy getting a colonoscopy was, I would've never put it off.

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