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Meet Carol

Patient / Survivor Spring, Texas

Carol's Story

When I was 42, I went to see my primary care physician because I had some bleeding "down there" that had been going on for a couple of weeks. He thought it was probably nothing, but referred me to a GI for a colonoscopy. During the colonoscopy, the GI found a tumor and a few polyps. All were removed for biopsy and he told me that he was sure everything would come back benign. At my follow-up GI appointment, my doctor told me that it was cancer and that I needed to have a left hemicolectomy the next week. After my surgery, the surgeon told me that the cancer had spread through the colon and was in my lymph nodes. It was diagnosed at stage IIIC. Chemotherapy was hard and the side effects sometimes seemed unbearable. Now, almost 7 years later, I am still cancer free!

Carol's Advice

Be proactive in your healthcare decisions!

3 thoughts on “Meet the One Million Strong- Carol Hall from Texas

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I appreciate you mentioning that it has been 7 years! I was diagnosed with stage 3 and am always looking for inspiring stories such as yours. I’m about to start chemo, and your story touched my heart and has made me feel encouraged.

  2. Thanks for sharing. God’s grace and mercy insures forever. 2 Kings 20-God hears our cries and sees our tears. Stay strong in the name of Jesus.

  3. Thanks for sharing. You were a special blessing to Scott and I when we met you and JL at Scott’s first round of chemo. You gave us tips to help our journey as you were several sessions ahead of us. Fran and Tracy helped us also as we shared the hours of treatment. I have been with others during their treatments and can tell you that not every place is the same. In the midst of all that was happening, we looked forward to seeing our friends and it sounds crazy to some but we had some fun times. We were known as the rowdy group on the back row, but people wanted to join our conversations and we threw parties during chemo. It wasn’t anything like we feared it would be and I’m glad for that.

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