Meet the One Million Strong- Dylan Skeean from Massachusetts


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Meet Dylan

Patient / Survivor Auiburn, Massachusetts

Dylan's Story

After several months of stomach aches and fatigue, I had a colonoscopy as my primary doctor recommended. That day changed my life forever; they found a mass in my rectum. Cancer at the age of 44 wasn't something I ever expected in my wildest dreams. Soon after, I had a PET scan, which revealed my worst nightmare: stage IV Cancer. It had spread to my Lymph nodes and I had a mass on my liver. Radiation and chemo started within a couple weeks, soon after was my first surgery for a lower resection, and a ileostomy to let the surgery heal. After nine weeks, the ileostomy was successfully reversed. Three months later I had 65 percent of my liver removed, including my Gallbladder and a tumor in my stomach. Three weeks later, I developed a large abscess below the liver and was readmitted to the hospital to drain the infection. Another 12 cycles of chemo shortly followed and my last treatment finished on July 1, 2016. I have been cancer-free since. It was a long, tough road, but my family's and friends' support it was easier to handle. Now I take one day at a time as I deal with the side effects from the treatments, seems like the fight never ends.

Dylan's Advice

Always remain positive and accept the help of your loved ones. It's absolutely normal to have your bad days but let your good days drive the fight!

6 thoughts on “Meet the One Million Strong- Dylan Skeean from Massachusetts

  1. Dylan we are always here for you for anything, anytime you just have to pick up the phone and call. We love you guys with all our hearts and you are in my prayers always. I know too well what cancer can do and my heart breaks for you and your loved ones. Love, Mama Karen

  2. That’s great to hear, I learned as well at 44 that I have colo-rectum cancer, thanks for sharing you give us all hope.

  3. Hey Dylan I used to work with Annmarie and saw first hand how caring she is. Family and friends are huge when it comes to fighting the fight. I am battling my own demons with Pancreatic Cancer and you are so right about support and attitude. Best of luck and I will add you to my prayers

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