Meet Elizabeth

Patient / Survivor

Monroe, New York

Elizabeth's Story

I was diagnosed stage IV colon cancer on Jan. 28, 2013. I had metastasis to my liver, lungs, as well as activity in adrenal lymph nodes. I was treated with chemo and surgery followed by more chemo. I was treated by an excellent staff at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

I recently had a scan, and this is my third year cancer-free. I incorporated natural and homeopathic complementary medicine into my life. I have survivors guilt, but I know I am here because I am hope!

Elizabeth's Advice

Be your own advocate, seek as much knowledge as you can about your diagnosis and different treatments, so you can make the most informed decisions about your treatment. Your doctor is great but not perfect.

My doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center welcomed my second opinion from the cancer treatment center. I learned a lot of important info from the center, but decided Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center was the right place for me.

3 thoughts on “Meet the One Million Strong- Elizabeth Navarra from New York

  1. Hello Elizabeth,

    My husband is Stage IV with metastasis to his liver, lungs, as well as activity in adrenal lymph nodes. However, he was told he was not a candidate for surgery. Can you share what kind of surgery you had and if you think it was instrumental to your success? We’re considering coming to NY for a second opinion. Also, can you share names of your medical team? Thanks

  2. Charles, Elizabeth,
    I was diagnosed last March 2016 with Stage III colon cancer. Had double colon resection followed up with 12 rounds of chemo ending in October 2016. January 2017 pet scan showed metastized to abdomen and liver. Currently going for treatment #8 this Thursday.

    Would you share your nutrition and any other helpful hints? My doctor just keeps on telling me to eat anything. Wants me to keep weight on to keep me strong for my chemotherapy treatments.

    Thank you!

  3. I like your comment: Your doctor is great but not perfect.

    I am a Stage IV survivor since 2006. Cancer initially went to liver and three years later a very small tumor to the right lung. Since then I made some diet changes and the results is No Evidence of the Disease (NED). All thanks goes to God. I used nutrition and exercise as my main alternative therapy to battle cancer.

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