Meet Victor

Victor Menoscal, Stage IVA Survivor/Patient

Elmhurst, New York

Victor’s Story

Life before cancer was filled with awesome memories on the beach with my children. I would have never imagined that something like this would happen to my family. After being diagnosed my sister (Gina) has been my knight in shinning armor. She is such a firecracker and will not stop nagging until I go to my appointment or treatment.

What One Million Strong means to Victor

One Million Strong to me means getting the word out about colon cancer and ways to prevent it. My sister and I keep fighting everyday in hopes of finding a cure one day.

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Meet Gina

Gina Menoscal, Caregiver

Rego Park, New York

Gina’s Story

I am my brother’s caregiver. I would consider myself to be a fighter because I am the one that cries for him, but would never show him. I have to be strong for him because I am his sister.

What One Million Strong Means to Gina

One Million Strong means not fighting alone. It is a fight we do not give up on.

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