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Centerton, Arkansas

Heather’s Story

I am a 5-year survivor of early-onset stage IIIB rectal cancer. It was very difficult to get a doctor to take me seriously about my condition, which could have been caught if I had been screened earlier. I suffered many challenges throughout my treatment and side effects I’m learning to live with.

After 5 years, I’m living life more fully and with much more optimism. I want to help bring attention to the under 50 group of colorectal cancer patients and the need for testing in younger patients.

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3 comments on “Meet the One Million Strong- Heather White from Arkansas”

  1. 1
    Deena S on July 5, 2018

    Today I was told I have stage 2 (2A) anal cancer when I went to have an endoscopic ultrasound for what I thought was scar tissue. I was shocked because I had a colonoscopy a couple of months ago in April and only a benign poly-plastic polyp was removed. I had my ovaries removed a year ago due to benign cysts and endometriosis so again there was no cancer. However, I lost my job in May and now this. Luckily I have insurance for low income recipients and it pretty much covers everything. I’m 59 years old and I’m really trying to be optimistic but I’m scared. I have a few thousand dollars in the bank and should find out in a couple of week if I will be able to get unemployment compensation. Please pray for me. Thank you.

    1. 2
      Nancy Levesque on July 6, 2018

      Hello Deena, I’m so sorry hear of your recent diagnosis. If you’d like, Fight CRC has a few free resources that you can access. Your Guide in the Fight is a good place to start – You can also call the Cancer Helpline – 1-877-427-2111, which is a partnership that Fight CRC has with the Cancer Support Community. Let us know how else we can support you.

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    Meet the One Million Strong- Heather White from Arkansas – Colorectal Cancer Charity on March 2, 2018

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