Meet the One Million Strong- Jacqueline Schrader from Kansas


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Meet Jacqueline


Emporia, Kansas

Jacqueline's Story

Although the fight through cancer felt like I was alone, there were so many people who impacted my fight and my recovery. I was not alone, and it was the people around me, from Brian the intake guy at the hospital, to Chelsee, Jackie, Brooke at the Cancer Center who always, always had a smile on their face and kind heart, to my doctors and surgeons, to my husband's college students who made food for me once a week, well there is just so many and that is why I want to give back.

It brings tears to my eyes and an overwhelming sense of happiness that all these people cared and it did affect me in ways they will never know.

I want to help others in the way that all of these people helped me.

My first bout of cancer I was at stage II/III. Six months later, after chemo it had metastasized and I was at stage IV. Now I am cancer free, and pray everyday for my life. I really want to give back, give hope, give comfort and give the feeling of strength for anyone who is feeling weak.