Meet the One Million Strong- Jenna Detko from Minnesota


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Meet Jenna

Patient / Survivor

Little Canada, Minnesota

Jenna's Story

I have always been healthy. I had never contracted the flu or common cold, or even the stomach issues that some of my friends complained about. Once I realized my symptoms, it was too late.

Nov. 2016, I started having blood in my stool and was always feeling constipated, fatigued, run down. I also started having intermittent fevers. I had two very young children at home, a 3-year-old and a baby less than a year old. I thought hormones were to blame, I thought my kids were bringing bugs home from daycare, I thought I was just really tired!

Finally I made some appointments, and ultimately ended in the hospital Jan. 2017. They found innumerable tumors on my liver but it took several days to locate the source of the cancer. I was numb, even as they told me it was stage IV colon cancer.

Colon cancer is so common, of course I'll survive! My Uncle Joe survived colon cancer at age 84, so at age 31, I will be just fine.

My port was placed and I started chemo one week from diagnosis. It was then that I learned that oncologists don't believe I will survive past two years since the cancer is so advanced. I went home, tried to get used to my normal, continued to work and raise my kids. But I basically lived in a complete fog for those first two months.

Now, I am ready to fight for my health, to advocate for others. I have seen significant reduction in my tumor burden, and am handling side effects well. I don't believe that I will "expire" in two years, but I am doing my best to live the fullest life every single day until I can't.

Jenna's Advice

Find a community of other patient/survivors. They know what you are going through! And don't be afraid to accept help. When someone asks if they can bring you a meal, do your laundry, let you nap, just say YES!

10 thoughts on “Meet the One Million Strong- Jenna Detko from Minnesota

  1. I admire your strength and continue to pray for you and your family. There’s no doubt that your story and your strength will offer support to others. Thinking of you.

  2. Dear Jenna,

    I was recently (4 months ago) with stage 3c colon cancer and stage Zero (3 nodules were found) esophagus cancer. After having 2 surgeries I was very happy to hear the doctors state that they believe I am cancer free. I have started chemo and honestly have no words to describe the pain both emotionally and physically I have dealt with after two sessions.

    It was amazing reading your story and wish you and your family all the strength. Sending my thoughts and prayers.

    With much sincerity,

    Eric Andrews

  3. Thank you for sharing your story . Stay strong and positive. I too am a stage 4 colon cancer survivor with metastatic to ovary and liver. My grandmother had esophageal cancer and was told she had 6 months she passed away 13 yrs after and it was heart disease that got her. Hang in there remember you have cancer , cancer doesn’t have you ????

  4. Thank you for sharing your story. I was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer Dec 1, 2015… the day after my 41st birthday. The doctors tell me that surgery is not an option and that I am incurable. I refuse to believe that! My children are 13 and 11, and I intend to be here for all of their milestones and celebrations to come. I live with a chronic disease that happens to be cancer. Sending you positive vibes.

  5. Dear Jenna. You will fight and win this battle. Just like my dad. He is 57 and he also has tumors in the liver. At first the doctor told me that he was going to live just 2 more years. Now after 2 months with medication the reduction of the tumors in number and size is very good news and maybe if he continues like this he will get a surgery ! I wish the same for you. For you and your family. You will survive this battle. Dont stop fighting , keep your mind in peace. Never give up.

  6. Jenna-Thanks for sharing. I wish you the greatest strength mentally, physically and emotionally on your journey. The power of the mind is an amazing tool, so use it to its greatest advantage. I hope you find comfort in time spent with family and friends and above all: Never. Stop. Fighting. Much peace and love. Amanda

  7. Love you and your family. You’re strength is amazing. You,lady, are a blessing. Thanks for sharing your story and words of advice. Prayers , love and hugs sweet girl. Fight on!!!

  8. Dear Jenna, Thank you for sharing your story. Your bravery & courage are beautiful & inspiring. I’m praying for complete healing for you and the others who are dealing with the nasty C. ????, Sue M

  9. Stay Strong Jenna – your story is an “eye-opener” for everyone, it certainly was for me! I admire your “fight” on this!

  10. Hi Jenna, thanks for sharing your story and your strength! My mother-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer.. she had no clue either. They gave her 6 months and she’s going on almost 2 years now! We won’t give up, and I’m happy to hear u won’t either! You’re kids are GORGEOUS.

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