Meet the One Million Strong- John Martin from Arkansas


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Meet John

Patient / Survivor

Fort Smith, Arkansas

John's Story

I found out early in life I was lactose intolerant by a GI doctor, who performed a colonoscopy in my 20s. Fast-forward to my 40s, I still had minor stomach issues. I am also hydrocephalic, from birth. I have had 14 operations in my lifetime on shunts. I disrupted my shunt when I had a fall at work one day. After a CT scan, they found a mass in my colon.

After yet another colonoscopy; three tumors were discovered (upper, middle, and lower near rectum). It was stage III colorectal cancer, I then underwent 16 operations total. I'm just a 45-year-old man, living a blessed life.

John's Advice

Stay tough, stay strong, never give up; because I didn't.

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  1. Hey John

    Glad you are doing well…I am in Arkansas too. I would like to chat with you about our event we have in Little Rock. Please contact me at 501.712.6246 or email:

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